SOLD 1997 3x locked LX450 143k miles w/ some mods

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
Outside Link
Mud price $21,500 USD or $27k Cdn

Vehicle located in lower mainland, BC (Abbotsford).

Had a recent inspection done. Please follow link for more details. Full disclosure I've had the odd P0401 code (EGR) and haven't bothered tracking it down yet. Cleared it and it hasn't returned over the past 500miles or so, but just letting everyone know up-front.

Factory gearing.

All new fluids front to back, and many upgrades. Truck runs mint.

More photos: 51 new items by Robert Hein -

I'd rather someone locally just come here and check it out with someone that knows their stuff if possible.
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Pending Sale. Will update/renew if it falls through.

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