For Sale 1996 White with Lockers Central Kentucky 216000

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United States
1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

4x4 cold air

Has lockers front and back. For those of you that are not Cruiserheads this means there is a switch on the dash that will lock only the rear wheels together or it will lock all 4 wheels together. This mean all 4 wheels will pull at the same time. True 4x4. This is a in demand feature of these trucks. This thing will climb a greased pole! It is a tank.

I would not hesitate to drive this truck home to anywhere. It has been 100% reliable for me.

Brand new tires 255x85x16 Maxius Big Horn Mud tread. Less than 2000 miles

Head has a lifter sticking. Makes a little peck. Been driving like this for 2 years no issue.

clear coat is coming off

Drivers seat has a tear

Drivers Seat will not move

Radio isn't working

Power antenna is broke

Has third row seat.

I need a pick up truck. Not enough room in this to haul all my bird dogs.

This is the ultimate river,hunting, kayak hauling machine with all the family in tow.

5500 or best offer


drivers side.jpg

back seat.jpg


clear coat peeling.jpg

drivers side.jpg
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Any pics of the drivers seat?

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