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Nov 11, 2005
United States
I have been wanting to get my hands on an FJ40 for a while now, and so i have decided to put my Disco up for sale. I don't have enough money to buy the FJ so i have to sell one to get the other. Anyway, i thought some of you guys would be sympathetic to my problem. Here goes:

Good Stuff:

Engine & Drivetrain
1996 Disco SD (white, stripped down, cloth seats, no power seats, no sunroofs)
4.0 V8 (138k, heads done at 72k, doesn't use any oil)
5-Speed Manual Tranny (1 of 230 in country, put in new clutch etc.. at 120k, New Transmission with less than 1000 miles)
1.6:1 Transfer case (as opposed to the 1.2:1 stock)
Rear Driveshaft has ujoints (no rubber coupling)
Front Disco II shaft
Moser Enginneering Axle shafts in rear
Detroit Locker rear
ARB Locker front
Ashcroft inner axles 24/27 spline
110 CV joints (AEU2522)

Suspension & Armor
Rockware rear trailing arms
Rockware drop kit
RS9000 Shocks all around
Rockware Pinion guard
Custom Front Radus Arms (offset 2")
OME Heavy Duty springs in rear
Bearmach Medium springs in front
Custom External Front shock mounts
Sleeved and Trussed track rod
Sleeved Drag Link
Atlantic British Steering Guard (dent included free of charge)
Bearmach front Diff Guard
Rockware Steering Dampener relocation kit (Defender Style)
OME Steering Stabilizer
Custom 2" lift blocks front and rear
Custom Rocksliders with rail
Custom Front Winch bumper w/front fender bars
Safari Snorkel
Rubicon Express Hand Throttle kit

Other goodies
Optima Red Top Battery
K&N Air Filter
Dog Guard
Rubber Mats
3 outlet DC plug inside
Flowmaster Muffler
PIAA undercarriage ligts
Blaupunkt 3" speakers in front door, 6x9s in rear cargo area and new 6.5" mids in rear door
Rear Ladder
Waterproof Seat Covers (worn)

Sits on 35x12.50 Mud Kings with 15x8 AR Steel Wheels (set of 5)

Minor issues:
P/S Pump whines (may need replaced)
Factory Sway bars are removed because they won't fit with lift
There are a few dents and dings nothing terrible
Wheelwells were trimmed approx. 2" for tires
Headliner is starting to sag
Rear door has to be lifted while closing
Check Engine is on because the Cats are shot ( i don't have inspection here so i didn't worry about it)
Cruise Control doesn't work
Typical Land Rover oil leaks, but nothing major

I would love to get $8500 for it or a trade on a cruiser and cash. Here is one pic, more can be sent via email if needed. Email me WBDISCO@hotmail.com or call (423) 762-5012 located in near Monteagle, TN


Feb 3, 2005
1.6:1 Transfer case (as opposed to the 1.2:1 stock)
This is the high range ratio, what is the low range ratio? Is it still stock or is it lower?

That is a very good looking Disco! I just sold my 97 about 2 weeks ago, and I have to admit I kinda miss it.

Good luck selling it! You will love the 40 once you get one.
Nov 11, 2005
The 1.6:1 is from the deisel Defenders. It only effects the high-range, so the truck runs really well with 35s on road. The low range is uneffected

Feb 3, 2005
One last thing. If the cruise control is the same as a 97, you may have a problem with the vacuum line. My wipers and cruise control wouldn't function properly, and the vacuum line was replaced, and the problem was solved.

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