1996 Lexus LX450 - $12000 DC/VA area

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United States
No affliation , just looking in wash dc metro area craigslist and found this...

Up for sale is a very low mileage Lexus LX450 in good condition. The odometer reads around 72,000 Original miles!! Nothing has been repainted on the car and the interior is in very good condition. There are a few scuffs on the bumper/fender guard but if i had to give this truck a rating it would be a 9/10. As most people know the LX450 is the same truck as the Legendary Toyota Landcruiser. This truck comes with 3rd row jump seats, Premium sound, Cd changer, Leather seats, sunroof, Full time AWD with Front and rear locking differentials, Power EVERYTHING, once again the interior is in very good condition and everything works on the truck. The reason my asking price is so low is because this vehicle is a Theft recovory vehicle, this means it was stolen at one point and recovered. THATS IT! there is a reassigned Vin in the door jamb and it states the same thing on the title. Nothing was taken off the truck it is in the same condtion as one without this issue!! When you pull an autocheck it will state: Theft/Salvage history. The title itself is clear. Feel free to take a look yourself or have a lexus dealer look it over, this is a well maintained truck. $12,000 obo, Please call with questions.
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Need an Inspector

Hello, to anyone out there that would be willing to take a look at this vehicle for me... I am very interested in it but cant travel from FL until Sunday... If anyone can help with a inspection for me it would be greatly appreciated!

I have spoke with the owner but would like someone to confirm it is what it is before I fly to DC from FL:doh:

Thanks in advance, Jason :cheers:
Salaged Title Theft Recovery???

Alright guys I need some feedback here what is your opinion on buying a vehicle with a salvaged title???

Carfax shows salvage title issued 3-16-98 after vehicle was recovered from theft. This was issued to the original owner!!!

1st registered on 10-16-96 19 miles. registered as corporate fleet vehicle for 5 yrs 9 mths.

2nd owner 5-02, it still only had 23K miles when title tranfered for new ownership with a current salvaged title from theft with PO.
This very low for a vehicle 5.5 yr old vehicle, is this maybe because it was a corporate transport vehicle? Or was it parked in a Junk yard for sometime ?:doh:

3rd owner 10-04 58K miles only had 3 days with less than 500 miles looks like "dealer"

4th owner 10-04 kept until 2-07 68K miles

This also looks strange like only 10K miles in 2yrs 4mths:confused:
could this be possible if someone rarely drove it? I guess...

5th owner until present with now apprx. 73K miles

Says he has driven back and forth from DC to Fl among other places with NO problems at all...

I know it makes the value come down but if it is clean and has low miles and is what I have been looking for should I proceed or head the other way??? What other drawbacks might there be besides resale value:confused:

Thanks for your advice and opinions:cheers:
I have owned several theft recoveries, waiting now on an auction of a late model LC theft with no damage, with under 10,000 miles. Never had a problem yet...but clearly it is a buyer beware situation. Do your homework on the vehicle.
I have owned several theft recoveries, waiting now on an auction of a late model LC theft with no damage, with under 10,000 miles. Never had a problem yet...but clearly it is a buyer beware situation. Do your homework on the vehicle.

Thanks I have spoken with the owner a few times now and requested more pics and he has no problem with me taking it to a Lexus dealer for a full inspection.

I dont have any plans on selling this vehicle so dont care much about the drop in resale value as long as Im getting a clean vehicle.

Only drawback besides title problem I've found is it hasnt been to a Lexus dealer since its 15K mile service 8-29-97... I guees though if I take it there myself and have them check everything out it should be OK...

Thanks for your feedback Jason
If you buy it for the asking price, it would be hard to imagine it falling in value any faster than it has.

If a person wants a short-term vehicle, salvage is probably not the way to go. I buy them with every intention of driving the wheels off of them.
i'd offer a lot less than the $12k that seller is asking for. if front axle rebuild needs done $-1000, brakes, $-600, power steering cooler rusterd out $-300, etc...

sorry i can't help you to inspect it.. gotta take care of my mom, who's got a terminal illness and need to spend time with her.

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