For Sale 1996 Landcruiser totaled

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United States
Hi all,
With great sadness another fine example of stock full option Cruiser bites the dust. Had an accident on the 4th where I was hit from driver's side rear door/rear axle. Rear axle broke/bent and the rear door crush.
Appraisal came in with $8500 repair cost and it's deemed total lost.
Any one interested on buying this before I give it to the insurance?
It has 210k miles, runs well. Did 4000 miles road trip last summer with no issue and about to go on another 3000 miles in a few weeks. But it will be on another car now.
Green emerald with grey leather interior. None of the seat rip. Front seats are a bit dry but not tear or anything. I had it covered since I owned it.
I am the second owner of this rig since 2001. Originally from Cali until I moved to Oregon in 2004.
None of the glass broken amazingly.
Shoot me an email to if interested.
I expect the insurance payout in a couple days. So hurry.

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