For Sale 1996 Land Cruiser-SF Bay Area

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United States
1996 Toyota Land Cruiser, maroon with tan leather interior, ~250,000 miles. Third row seats, tow package, factory front and rear locking differentials, running boards, tires in great shape, no rust, runs great, and clean title. Two main issues: 1) check engine light has been on for about a year, pulling code for insufficient egr flow, in this condition it won't pass CA emissions and tags expire in March so vehicle is sold as is/for parts. 2) small leak in radiator, I still use it as a daily driver but fill the radiator up every couple days. Minor issues: paint on front hood is faded, small oil leak, and usual wear and tear on a vehicle this age.

Price: $4,500.00
Vehicle is located in Santa Rosa, California.


That EGR issue is a $600 fix....I had the same issue and got it all fixed....if it didn't have that issue, I know someone looking for an 80 and this would've been sold....GLWS...
Good luck with sale. I looked long and hard for one similar to this and can tell you that the price is competitive.

Depending on how fast you would like to sell, it may make sense to fix the EGR valve and adjust your price up accordingly. Most buyers want stuff like a CEL taken care of rather than take the chance that it is more than the EGR...

Just MHO, good luck!

PM'd you.
Usually the front seats get the most wear, are they in decent shape for the age?
I'll have to talk it over with the future wifey. She wants us to upgrade from our J80 to a JZ80 but with wedding coming up I don't want to step on any toes. Would love to give this rig a new home.

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