SOLD 1996 Land Cruiser 80 - Triple Locked - Black - Fantastic Condition

Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Orlando, Florida United States
I need to sell my LC80 due to a change in my circumstances. I will post it on Mud so that the good people here can have first dibs but if it doesn't sell quick it will be on BAT by the weekend. I picked this vehicle up back in March. It needed a lot of love and attention and I didn't hold back. In fact I started to prefer this cruiser over my white lifted cruiser and in May I sold the white one. This one has been my daily driver ever since.
It's a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser triple locked and almost completely stock and a clean title. Every body panel is original and still has the Toyota VIN stickers on them. I bought it in March as a mini project to keep me sane but it quickly escalated into a fairly extensive restoration. I drove it from Missouri to Florida as soon as I bought it and even though the engine was strong I decided that with 265K on the clock the first task I would be doing was an engine overhaul. Before I started the overhaul I pulled a sample of the oil and sent it to Blackstone. The results were impressive (see attached). The engine overhaul included:
  1. The usual machine shop work on the head and valves (new valve stem oil seals, valve adjustment etc.)
  2. New OEM head gasket - in fact I think every gasket is new.
  3. Upper and lower oil pans resealed
  4. New engine mounts
I have photos of the cylinders where you can still see the cross hatching. This engine is good for another 300k

My goal was to get a a 100% reliable vehicle that didn't suck up my time fixing it instead of driving it so while I was in there....

  • Cooling System – New Koyorad C1917 radiator, OEM Water pump, OEM thermostat, OEM fan clutch, new OEM heater valve and all radiator and heater hoses.
  • Brake System – OEM calipers, OEM rotors & OEM pads, new LSPV and all new OEM brake hoses
  • Suspension – New OEM bushings on all control arms and sway bars, new OEM shock absorbers
  • Engine Electric – New alternator, New OEM spark plugs, spark plug seals, OEM plug leads and new OEM air hose.
  • Fuel system – New OEM fuel filters, injector seals, New OEM FPR, New OEM fuel hoses.
  • Exhaust system – Complete new system with new CARB compliant catalytic converters and new OEM O2 sensors
  • Drivetrain – Front & Rear axles have been fully overhauled with OEM bearings and seals.
  • Fully overhauled A/C system including new Denso compressor, Denso condenser, Denso evaporator, Denso receiver/dryer
  • Steering System- New OEM steering pump, new steering damper, New TRE’s, New hoses.
  • Interior – New leather seats (Mosley), new dashboard, new touchscreen stereo system
  • Exterior – New OEM rear quarter window seals, new OEM windshield seal/gasket, New OEM belt mouldings on all doors, New OEM antenna.
Needless to say that receipts are available for all work performed. I estimate I have receipts for over $10k of parts - 99% of which are OEM

Steering wheel leather is starting to show its age but only looks bad because everything else is new.. Paintwork is pretty good - has been resprayed. There are one or two minor dings that are almost unnoticeable.

I am hoping to get $23K but will listen to any reasonable offer. I would be happy to drive it to it's new home (some conditions of course).

I will post a bunch of photos but I have lots more if required.

PM me if you have any questions.




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