For Sale 1996 FZJ80 Moonstone Grey with RTT - BC/CAN

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United States

1996 Toyota Landcruiser.
Grey bedliner around truck - see pics
CDL only. NO Front & Rear LOCKERS

Selling because we already have 2 children and are adopting 2. Not enough storage space when taking 6 people and do road trips often. If not for this, we would be keeping the truck.

Imported from California Sept. 2009 - lived its whole previous life there
Sparkplug wire change - Nov 2009
HIR headligh bulbs - Nov 2009 and March 2013
Distributor cap/rotor/"O" ring - Spring 2010
PHH (Pesky Heater Hose - see - Spring 2010
Headgasket replaced (preventative maintainance) - April 2011
Toyo Open Country A/T 285/75/16 tires - rotated religiously - June 2011
OEM shock absorbers - March 2012
OEM O2 sensors - March 2012
Brake fluid flush - March 2012
Trans flush - March 2012
VSV relocation and replacement - March 2013
Front brakes/rotors - March 2014
Radiator replacement - March 2014
Front crank shaft seal - March 2014
Oil pump cover seal - March 2014

Comes with Grade IV towing hitch (not on vehicle currently)
Interior overhead lighting though out 3 rows is LED
Comes with Ultraguage

Bedliner around truck not perfect like if done professionally (did with Al's Bedliner)
The seat bottoms were sprayed (I think due to sun fading in California) by a previous owner in the US (that is the shadow seen in the photos where car seats have sat.
Driver's side birf clicks when at hard turn and under hard power

Located in Campbell River, BC on Vancouver Island.

182K miles and counting

$6400 obo

Unable to change title, but tent and roof rack sold.

Please email me: as I am not on MUD too much. Or phone two five zero nine two three nine six zero four


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Nov 11, 2007
Vancouver Island, BC
Price change as going to sell RTT separately, not everyone is interested in having one.
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