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Where to start on something you don't even want to sell.... My wife has decided she wants to do a small van build for our camping trips. Mainly having more room, and which a dog who doesn't get around like he used to. So I'll try to remember what's done and what it needs. If you have questions please reach out to me.

Asking 18.5

Here it goes.

1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 Triple locked. 190,7XX miles
ARB Front Bumper, with a 10k wireless winch.
Gobi Roof Rack
35" KM3 a set of 5, which all are in rotation.
16" Steel Wheels
10K Smitty Built Wireless winch.
2.5 Dobinson Shocks, with OME Shocks
Dobinson front steering Stabilizer
Dual Battery Set up, all accessories run off its own battery, also can charge the main battery if needed.
Full Custom drawer system in the back, with a stainless steel cooking top, also house power build in for USB, and 12V. Power can be turned off from this location or from the S-POD up front.
3 Drawers, One large, and 2 Smaller ones. All that can be locked by a key. The spare tire currently sits on top of the drawers.
The back seats are in pretty decent shape, also has USB plug ins in the back of the center console for people in the rear usually "Kids" for the previous owner. lol
Up front we have an ALPINE headunit that has Apple Car Play, Android auto, GPS, I think the headunit is roughly 1k I can't remember it came from my 4Runner. All the speakers of been upgraded to kicker, and it sounds great!
Dual Battery switch up front left of the dial for the lockers, controls the batteries. Charge, ON, OFF, or Auto.
GSMR Tucked under the radio I was going to re-route this, but haven't got a chance to get to it.
SPOD that controls the radio, power through out the truck, lights, and has some spares for whatever you'd like.
Driver seat works back and forth!
Everything was done within the past 2 years.
I am the third owner of this vehicle, the guy I bought it from bought it from his neighbor stock.
Has a the older TOYOTA Grille instead of the Toyota Sombrero, which I like it better. lol

Now the head had a full upper head rebuilt from "Adventure Motors" in KC I have all the receipts for all of the work done. If you're interested in everything let me know and I will list everything out. I'll update this when I get home. Doesn't leak or burn out.

Everything works as it should. Sunroof, locks, windows.

This truck has been extremely well taken care of I have most maintenance records, again which I'll try to update this with everything.

Where there is good, usually there is bad. So here it is.

It needs a knuckle rebuilt. I just got the parts with all OEM stuff to do it. Just haven't got around to starting this project. I also bought new rotors to knock it out when I did them. I just did pads front and rear about a months ago, and Upgraded the front to 100 series pads.

The actuator for the rear locker froze up and is currently being rebuilt and will be fixed before I sell it.


Seats have the normal wear and tear.

It does have some dings here and there. Passenger Door, and the drivers side rear someone shot it with a BB Gun a few times. All previous damage prior to me buying it.

The Hood has been wrapped with a black satin vinyl due to clear coat I would assume.

It has its pinestripes, its black, I honestly think a good majority would come out with a good buff.

A Fixed rock chip in the windshield. I didn't worry about it because its a factory windshield.

I think that's it. I'm sad to see it go. BUT its my wifes turn to get what she wants. She's been patient with me.

If I can think of anything else I will update this as it goes.

Again Questions reach out! I'm currently uploading a video too.

The truck is trashed and dirty do to the snow we've had. I will also clean it up and add more photos!



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Jan 18, 2021
Definitely a great rig, @zthesixty. I appreciate you sharing all the other info and pictures. I’m sure you guys will continue to enjoy it.

For the other watchers on this thread, seller’s remorse kicked in after my offer was accepted and seller decided to no longer sell.
Jun 19, 2018
Springfield, MO
Definitely a great rig, @zthesixty. I appreciate you sharing all the other info and pictures. I’m sure you guys will continue to enjoy it.

For the other watchers on this thread, seller’s remorse kicked in after my offer was accepted and seller decided to no longer sell.

This is true. After talking with @zojo for a couple of days, I began cleaning it out and started having remorse and I pulled out. As of right now it will stay with us. Thank you for being understanding
Jun 19, 2018
Springfield, MO
In my fickleness, I've decided to renew the listing, I contacted @zojo to give him first rights since we had talked and came to an agreement. Nothing has really changed with the truck minus a U-Joint issue which will be replaced this week when the Toyota U-Joints show up. I've decided to move on with my photography career, and I'll need the extra room. If there is any questions concerns please reach out to me. Thank you!
Jan 26, 2010
Clovis, CA
@zthesixty thanks for letting me know but I picked up an awesome rig from @tacocat a few weeks ago so I’ll have to pass. GLWS
I don’t know. You might have screwed up, this one is pretty nice.

Mine did have the most awesomest super duper interior ever, and I don’t believe you could get one any more free of rust.
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