1996 and 1997 lexus LX450 speaker cone repair

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Apr 9, 2017
i paid a local guy that works out of his house to fix the cones in my LX450 and while he did the fronts he said he couldn't do the rears because nothing was available.
i finally took the time to try to find a pair for the rears myself and i think i found a match and fixed them.
if anyone orders a pair and also gets the fronts let me know i'd like to write it down.
basically just pull the speakers. clean off the rubber cones. clean off the remaining material. i had some glue left over.
so you glue the inner lip to the cone and let it sit and set up. then glue the outer lip.
i had this CD that you play through the speaker out of a stereo to "align the voice coil" before the second lip sets up.
supposedly you can also use something with heavy bass i guess.
the rear coils i got from The Speaker Exchange in Tampa. the rears are RBK401's for $22.50 shipped.






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Do the stock speakers go down to 30 hz?
thanks for the cheaper link i posted above pavel. also for this link here. is there another video walking through the rest? particularly the voice coil part? or did you do anything to "center the voice coil"...?
I did not get so technical.
I wanted to see the results by doing the best job I could - turned out great. Sounds very crisp now.
I can't imagine 'centering the voice coil' would matter. We're not talking high-end audiophile speakers or (in most cases) a pristine sound stage. Mine just needs to be clear and loud enough to hear over the M/Ts
There was no rebuilding mine. When I pulled the covers, the speaker cones lept out and headed toward earth trailing their coil wires like TOW missiles...."well there's your problem", I thought to myself.

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