For Sale 1995 (no lockers) SAN DIEGO

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United States
Long time Lurker - 'appreciate all the great info this site has offered up. Selling the 80 that we've had for 5 years. C/L link below.

Runs great. HG has not been done (unless by previous owner). Don't know about PHH and other little details. Only had to do basic maintenance on the truck since it started as a DD, and became more of a weekender for us since 2013.

Cleanliness OCD. Have kept clean as possible (in and out) during ownership. Frequent wash/wax. Polish when necessary. Previous owners not so much. Amazes me how folks let stuff go like that. Interior leaves a lot to be desired in my book, but worked great for our purposes (toting kids around). Employed some of the neat tricks found this site (pelican box mounting on roof rack, silicone fender trim).

Need a bigger vehicle capable of towing a trailer since Mama doesn't want to tent camp anymore. Never towed anything with it. I believe the add says everything I can think of. Total open kimono on quirks and want truck to go to good home. Don't really need to sell, but cant justify having yet another vehicle around after I figure out what the future tow vehicle is going to be. Would rather just hide it from wife on property but she'd find it sooner or later.


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Eng 1.JPG

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Front interior.JPG
Looks nice! What kinda roof rack is that? How long is it?

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