For Sale 1995 FZJ80 Cruiser

United States
This was my second Cruiser and thought I'd keep it forever. I'll be graduating grad school in August and without a job in sight could really use the money. I know I'll be in another 80 as soon as I'm settled and have a paycheck again!

This 80 is in good shape with no major issues, drives great. I just put a set of nearly new BFG AT 295/75/16s on it from a local cruiserhead. They fit snug and the spare even sits underneath just fine.
Most everything works, all power windows, the passenger rear door power lock doesn't work and the driver power seat is stuck. I have the plastic gears to get that going just haven't taken the seat apart. The leather is shot on the front seats
I haven't had the truck for long, when I first got it I fixed the leaky valve cover gasket.
The axles aren't leaking at all.
It's got the green cruiser faded paint on the hood

This is a non-locked truck.

I'd like to get what I've got in it which I think is a pretty fair deal at $4,200

Photos of when I first got it

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On a semi-local trail ride
Feb 9, 2009
Biloxi, MS
Yep, sorry thought that was in my little avatar area. I'm in Gulfport, MS on the coast, but can drive it to meet anywhere in the southeast and further if you pay the fuel!


Sea Knight

Apr 19, 2006
Austin, Tejas and Laurel, Mississippi
Well hell Pat, you know if it's a Mississippi truck, it's a buy. :D:beer:

Let's do this fellas! About 10 hours from the lovely town of Austin.

Yep, I could almost follow that route blindfolded. I hereby volunteer to drive the truck back to Austin. No charge. Except for beer. Good beer. Patrick knows the flavors I like. ;)

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