1995 FJ-80 For Sale

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United States
I had posted this vehicle some weeks back but had a buyer fall through and have been travelling a good bit so am just now actively trying to sell it again.

When I posted orginally, it had a couple small gasket leaks that needed fixing but those have been fixed and its in perfect shape for a new owner now. I can email pictures upon request.

1995 Land Cruiser FJ-80, 178k, LOCKED, leather, sunroof, gold trim options, 3rd row seats, all power, almost new 285 bridgestone duller AT tires, very clean inside and out.

New front rotors, front calipers, and OEM pads on front and rear. New valve cover and throttle body gaskets, new OEM air and oil filters, new plugs, plug wires, and distributor cap.


Birmingham, AL

I tried but apparently since I only posted a few times, I was never awarded pic posting authority. Shoot me a private message with an email address and Ill send you the link to a kodak photo gallery for it. I also have some close up's of the interior I can send as well. Thanks.
I gave resizing a pic another shot and it seemed to work.
Pm'd you.
All Pm's now replied too

Left you a pm reply. Thanks.
Valve cover gasket and throttle body gasket are the only two that have needed replacement, both of which were done a few weeks ago
Final clearance sale

OK guys, Ive got my new truck lined up so first $7500 takes this thing
Have you received my email?
Got your PM, will call you shortly

I must say guys, I am totally suprised that no one has even come to see this FJ-80 yet. This is honestly a great truck for anyone so I am not sure if folks are skiddish of buying a older truck over the internet (I have to admit that I would be) or if there is just not as big of market for these as I thought there was. Its now priced well below KBB price and I just put it on Ebay so I hope someone here gets a shot at this truck soon. Its going be a great FJ-80 for someone.
You have what I am looking for but until I find a new home for my 40 there will be no 80. :crybaby:
Thanks for the feedback, I suppose the mileage could be of concern to some folks but I seriously doubt anyone could find a better SUV for $7,500 regardless of the miles. It honestly runs great with no issues with the tranny or engine. It idles right where it should and its oil pressure is right where it should be. I am no mechanic but if it runs good, starts everytime, and everything works, I dont know what else I could be concerned with.

The only reason I am selling is I bought a full size GMC truck and dont really need two 4X4's. I need a truck bed more than I need a SUV with my work and didnt realize how much I used a truck bed until I didnt have one anymore.

So in case anyone is worried that I am selling because something is wrong with it, dont be. Its a great SUV and I would never do business that way anyway. Thanks again for the feedback.

Both PM's now replied to for those who submitted them
Is vehicle still available?
It is for now. I have a guy coming to see it today but shoot me a PM with an email address and Ill go ahead and send you some pics and more info. If its still here after today, Ill let you know.

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