1995 80 series calipers MD/DC/VA

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Feb 22, 2007
Germantown MD
United States
These calipers are off my 95 LC. One front and one rear caliper was sticky so I replaced all 4 with remaned units. I couldn't stand the thought of not having my mountain bike hauler for one weekend so I dropped the coin for remaned units instead of rebuilding these.

If I could do it all over again I would just rebuild these because they are in great shape. Rebuild kits are around $10 per caliper from American toyota. You will also need the pins for the brake pads and the anti squeel clips. had to use my old ones because the remaned units didn't include.

All of the bores and pistons are in great shape except for one which is shown in the pics. I am pretty sure this can be polished out but not positive.

I taped up the bores and media blasted the calipers. I made sure the bores were protected from the media.

I can ship these but they are HEAVY and it will probably be expensive so local buyer would be ideal. I think all 4 boxed up weighed over 40 lbs. Shipped from 20874.

Price is $160 for all 4. That is $40 per caliper.


The one nasty piston, the rest look like the one on the top. This was obviously the rear sticky one. Not sure if these can be sourced but I think it can be polished.


This is what they looked like before I blasted them. Bore taped off to avoid any media inside.

No one needs calipers?
Some one has to need some calipers ready for a fresh rebuild.

Rebuild kits are cheap and the only reason I didn't rebuild prior to sale is because I figured everyone on this board was like me....I like doing my own work.

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