For Sale 1994 Prado KZJ78 3.0 Vancouver canada

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Vehicle Model
  1. 70 Series
I will update this post with more information but I had to post before I changed my mind.

1994 prado 4dr
208,000 km (129,000miles)
Grey interior with blue accents
$27k USD
I impression this rig from Japan last year
Discovered rust under rear of bumper and rockers - rust was repaired with new metal at EBI Crusiers
New Cooper tires installed
Panhard bar rebuilt
New batteries and work done for import inspection
Driven may be 1000km then
Replaced front spinals and bearings
Converted front hubs to manual
Rebuilt fan clutch (preventive)
New bushing throughout
Re&re glow plug system
Added Yakima load warrior rack ( not heavy duty just one that was available)

So mechanically anything needed to be done was done and done with the intention of keeping and daily driving. But ended up with a truck for work.
I will verify km between import and repairs but I believe we are tAlking about 2000km.

Known issues
Trim around stereo is cracked and still has the stereo from Japan.
Missing the light fixture in ceiling above drivers area
Missing or cracked vent cover in trunk area.
I will post more pics and answer more questions as soon as possible.






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