1994 LC wont start. any ideas where to look

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Dec 20, 2009
Sacramento, Ca
Hi, everyone. I have a 1994 LC came to the store and everything was fine. When i came out the car would not start. I have a new battery in it and a new starter. (about one month old) When i try to start it i can hear starter spinning very fast but motor is not turning over. I try to turn motor by hand and it turns. So i do not know what to look for.:confused: Anyone had that before? I would like to fix it my self if its possible money are tight to go to shop. Thanks for the in put in advance.
sounds possibly like a bad plunger, you can search under starter plunger. usually you can tap the starter with a hammer as a temporary fix to get you home
Thanks everyone. As It turns out it was a bad starter. It was new reman. starter. They gave me another one and the problem is fixed. Thanks again.
I don't mean to take this off topic, but how do you turn the motor by hand ?


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