For Sale 1994 fzj80

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OK Gang. Here it goes again..... My white Cruiser just doesnt get much use anymore. We took it to Florida in January with ZERO issues. It has only been driven about 1200 miles since.

Grey cloth, Roof Rack, Running boards, Hitch, Cheap Brush Bar, 148k miles, Recent work like, A/C Comp, Tires, Brakes, Belts, Battery, Radiator, Front Brngs, Align, Stereo w/ Door Speakers, Very very clean, Never been off roaded or beat-up NO LOCKERS!

Not too sure what to do with this truck. Listing it here and Crgs list has yielded zippo. Make an offer Call me at 845-392-3626
FYI - This Cruiser, while located in NY, is originally from the salt free mid-west. I do not drive it in the snow, there is virtually no rust on it.:)
:confused:TRADES??? 4 door or Xtra cab truck Toyota / Chevy Only - Highlander, .....
LOL. I offer $5.25.
Well thanks for the offer....... I didnt list a price because its become apparent that what I thought was a fair asking price wasnt. I had very little interest last time it was listed. I was really hoping for some feedback and maybe some honest offers. I know all too well that it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. At some point though, it just doesnt make sense to sell it. It really is a shame for it to just sit in the driveway under a cover or in the garage without getting used. Its become a fair weather car that we use on in nice weather for special occassions. Its almost a conversation pice when we do take it out. People stop us all the time to comment on it. Its almost like taking one our classic cars for a ride. My kids sure do love it.
KBB private party value is $5,700.00. Figure $1000 to $500 under that. Good place to start. What are you asking? Very nice looking cruiser. Love white and love the 93-94 Toyota grill. GLWS. May consider it if I can't get my wife to share my (her) new LX 450.
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Thanks for the info... I'm confused as to why I should automatically take up to $1000 off the KBB price to start with. This is not a beater truck and has been very well maintained. Honestly I started at $6500 and came down to Just under $6k So i guess I am at or around KBB Value. It seems to me that if I was in the market for a used car and had $4500 to spend, I'd be hard pressed to find myself anything like this for that money. I never get deals like that. But hey, it is what it is and it sure isnt appreciating in value. Again, at some point I 'll just keep it and turn into the family beater car - or use it for whatever. I keep toying with the idea of a small lift, ARB etc. but cant bring myself to trash the thing cosmetically. Come take a look. Zip code 12561
Just a suggested starting point. When I try to determine a vehicles value I use kbb Private party value and they seem to be about $500 to $1000 higher than what should be expected. I also use ebay's completed listing and search all other listings to see what people are asking. Some numbers are all over but gives a good idea of what to reasonably expect.
its clean and a good starting point i would say its in the 3500-4000 range to be honest with ya.
Ok - I will agree to sell it for $4500 by the end of the month. After that, I pay the insurance and the price will be $5000. Otherwise I'm keeping it forever and my kids will learn to drive on it (theyre 8 and 10):D.
Unless anyone has a trade in mind it'll stay where it is. Thanks Guys I appreciate your time.
I'd consider it for $4,500. Always loved my white 93.
Well let me know if you'd like to come take a look. My zip is 12561.
I PM'd you.

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