For Sale 1994 fzj80

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United States
OK. I think I'm serious now. Up for sale is my wifes white cruiser. Almost 140k miles. Grey cloth, 3rd seat, roof rack, Oe boards, hitch, upgraded stereo and speakers, new Yoko Geolander A/T's, very very reliable. looks and rides great. This is our family car but I'm looking to upgrade. Located in New Paltz NY Originally from Montana and has not been driven in salt. Call 845-392-3626. I'm asking $5500. Very hard to find in this condition. Does not have lockers and has not been off-roaded.
2nd cruiser.jpg
2nd cruiser 2.jpg
I'm not trying to Hijack your sale or anything but there is salt on the roads in MT. Ask me how I know.

That seems like a good price though and I would be interested had you been in the northwest. Good luck with the sale.
I was interested in this rig, ended up w/ something else. Seller sent me 20 + pics, it's in great condition, looks pretty good underneath too. I can't vouch for the trucks mechanicals but it super clean.....
Confused as to why this is reading "sold" from someone other than the seller.

Is this LC still available? Pls confirm. Thanks!
He had a 94 coincidently at one time as well. I don't know why people put rigs in there sig they don't own anymore- I've had countless cruisers- why would i list them and live in the past if they weren't mine anymore???
Sorry guys for the confusion. "Sold" is in my sig line, and it's quite a common thing here. Looks like the OP isn't responsive?

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