1994 fzj80 starter genuine Toyota 1.4kw or 2.2kw?

Jul 30, 2008
Hey guys. Getting a new remand Toyota starter for the 94. They have two different listed. One is 2.2kw and the other 1.4kw. Same price. Do I want the more powerful 2.2kw? Thanks Hutch
Dec 10, 2007
The 2.2kW spins the engine a bit faster than the 2.0kW, but it also draws more amps however the engine doesn't start (fire) any faster. That's determined by
the ignition system/ECM assuming everything else is in working order.

The 1.4kW starter is significantly smaller and maybe not the first choice if you live somewhere that has a real winter, but apparently does fine in warmer regions (FZJ80's in the Middle East AFAIK shipped with the 1.4kW)

Often you'll see the 2.0kW starter referred to as the "Cold Weather option"
which most 80's that came into the US apparently got (except the 93 model that got the 2.2kW starter, one year only).

FWIW I have an 80 with the 2.0Kw starter and another with the 2.2 starter and notice no difference when starting either (Florida). Maybe someone could see a difference in extreme subzero cold but then the main factor there would more likely be a good battery.

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