For Sale 1994 FZJ80 Locked oRyGuN

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United States
SOLD!!!!!! somebody out there got a good deal.
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OK- new parts/fixes

Brakes- turned front rotors, OEM pads front and rear
Valve cover seal, spark plug seals and other front oil leaks fixed
Windshield and OEM gasket
Steering column cover
Repaired antennae
New gas door spring!!!
OEM WIPER BLADES-no detail spared..
plugs and wires
New OEM bearings up front.

There is more but-- yawn... Thanks for looking.
$7500 OBO

Located near medford/grants pass

listed on craigslist locally. I would also consider a LWB 40 series (troopy) in trade with a rust free body- don't care if the motor runs
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still for sale?
yep, and surprisingly I haven't had much response... I'm sure our rapidly recovering economy is going to jump on this one real soon..

Seriously, I'm wondering how bad things are out there- its just too quiet.
Is my price out of line?

Any interesting trades like a 4BT powered (?), diesel cruiser....
Sale of this vehicle will help me feed my kids and do a diesel conversion. (Not in that order necessarily!)
Wish I could, but the tax man taketh away any chance I had to seriously consider a purchase. Seems like a very reasonable price. Good luck with the sale!:cheers:
Well, sorry about that.. That tax thing doesn't look like it is going to any better either..
I have no service records and have had less than 1 year, the front axle is pretty dry/clean- it had oil leaks that I have repaired on the front of the engine, I redid the front bearings with OEM as it had aftermarket junk for bearings. It looked like someone had obviously been in there so I stopped while I was ahead. I doubt the HG has been replaced seeing as a lot of the parts I replaced were original. I think I have about $1500 in parts alone in getting this to where its at.

Does this have front & rear e-lockers?

Yes it does and somebody needs to give this thing a home before I decide to keep it and sell my 1993 with 233,000 the unlocked version. If you are interested in that one for about $4k let me know.
No really, this isn't a phoney post, this rig is for sale..

Its not a junker
nor a clunker,
Its a big red pig
I'm sure you'd dig.
Offer me less,
How much? Your guess.
Buy my cruiser,
don't be a looser.

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