For Sale 1994 fzj80 landcruiser

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United States
1994 FZJ80 Landcruiser $8000
Tan with brown cloth interior, 205K, 2.5" lift, mechanically restored, no lockers
Pictures are posted online HERE.
Truck is located in East Texas. Call 903-504-1661.
I acquired this truck just over a year ago with the intention of building it into an offroad expedition vehicle. Plans have changed. I am moving out of the country, so it is time to sell my pride & joy.:crybaby:

The head gasket, radiator, and heater hoses (including PHH) were all replaced with new by previous owner. The truck has been extensively base-lined and all mechanical issues have been addressed by a top-notch Toyota mechanic less than a year ago. The truck runs and drives as new.

The following is a list of the work I have had done

• Resealed #1 oil pan and replaced #2 oil pan and drain plug
• Replaced oil with Mobil One and change filter
• Clean oil pump pickup screen and check oil pump
• Replaced oil pump O-ring and front crank seal
• Replaced belts while crank pulley off
• Replaced power steering pressure hose and replaced power steering pump mount O-ring
• Replaced valve cover gasket with tube seals
• Replaced distributor O-ring. Replaced cap, rotor, plug wires, and plugs
• Replaced fuel and air filters, flush F.I. system
• Resealed front knuckles, replaced inner axle seals, repacked pivot bearing, new wheel bearings, and axle joints
• Replaced gaskets and seals on knuckles, replaced brake rotors and pads
• Replaced rear brake rotors and pads
• Replaced right rear wheel bearing and seals to fix oil leak
• Bled/flushed complete brake system. Cleaned and adjusted parking brakes.
• Serviced auto transmission including R&R pan and cleaned and replaced pan gasket
• Serviced transfer case with correct 90W fluid and both differentials. Adjust transmission pressure cable.
• Replaced A/C compressor and clutch with factory Toyota reman units
• Replaced receiver/dryer. R&R evaporator case and replaced expansion valve and O-rings. Evacuate and charged system.
• Flushed cooling system and put in factory red Toyota coolant. Replaced radiator cap.
• Replaced starter with Toyota reman unit.
• Replaced battery terminal ends
• Tested alternator and battery. Checked okay.
• R&R catalytic converters, replaced leaking exhaust do-nut gaskets and some bolts & nuts.
• Installed OME 2.5 inch lift kit front and rear with springs, shocks, steering stabilizer shock. Also R&R both lower front control arms to install caster correction bushings for front axle. Checked and adjusted tow-in and alignment. Also adjusted steering gear box. (Lift kit: OME 851 coil springs on front and OME 860 coil springs on rear, nitro sport shocks, OME SD 24 damper, and OME CA 77B caster correction bushings)
• New strut supports for hood and rear hatch
• New antenna
• New matching tint on driver and passenger windows. Extra tint for rear hatch window included.
• Custom rear storage drawers installed

No rust, everything works, as it should, 3rd row seats are in storage and can be easily installed.

The bad: (This is the small stuff you can ignore or fix yourself)
• Small boo-boo on left rear quarter panel – patched and painted by previous owner – see pictures.
• Tires are good, but may need to be replaced in the next year or two
• “D” light on dash board burned out
• Turn signal wand returns a little fast on right turns. It’s fine on left turns. Signals work.
What a gorgeous daily driver!
Who did the baselining? Do you have an estimate of the amount you spent on the list of work you've had done?

I try to keep it clean. I owned my previous 80 since 1991, I bought it new and drove it 18 years till a mini van driving soccer mom put an end to it. Bought this one to keep another 18 but it is not to be. Moving to South America and will probably find one there.
Baselineing out the wazoo

Work described above was done by Buddy at The Cruiser Shop in Dallas. He's been working on land cruisers a long long time. This work dosen't come cheap, the cost of the work far exceeds the asking price. Price reflects current market value as best as I can determine. I wanted it done right cause I didn't think I would be selling it. Intended to add some armor, mud tires and locker next, but I guess the new owner will have to take care of the fun stuff.

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