1994 FZJ-80 Complete drive train+more!

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Jul 19, 2005
United States
Up for sale I have a totaled 1994 FZJ-80 that my best friend rolled before christmas. Threre are many ways I can sell this thing.
1. As a whole. come get whats left.
2. Apart- not preferable to me as my time is very limited.

The truck is mostly apart now- all of the interior is out, glass, etc.
The only parts that won't be sold are the wheels tires and axles unless the money is right. Fr+Rr Full floats w/factory lockers+ new 4:88 R+p's. If you want to make a realistic offer.

SO here it goes:

1. Whole truck/ interior and glass included $3,500 obo.
2. Drivtrain Eng/trans/tfercse $1800 obo.
3. interior 3 row flawless grey leather with Spector Off Road seat covers (camo) always undercovers and lexoled every oil change.
$1200 0b0.

The truck is in Memphis tn and i will ship small prts at buyers expense, but the big stuff is all the buyers responsibility.
My Telephone # is 901-218-3480 if you have questions.
My email is matthew87928@yahoo.com I check this Very frequently

Oh, yeah the truck has a complete OME 3'" J spring lift from slee on it currently that has less than 10k on it.
the truck had just a tad over 200k on it when wrecked.

I know my prices might be too high or too low but i am just not totally sure what this 80 stuff goes for as i have a bunch of 60s i play with so call of email me with any questions or offers!
Matt Coleman
pm sent
and email sent...
Fr/rr Lockers

How much do you want for the front and rear axles with 4.88 r/p gear? I only need both axles since I have the ECU, switch and wirings already installed. Plus the front probably need rebuilding since it is almost close to 200k mile. Let me know cuz I'm interested if the price is within my budget. Thanks.
PM sent
I'll take the whole truck, or whats left... want to put a 45 LV on it.
Alright guys, I have sold everything that is salvagable except for the complete drivetrain and interior. How about $1100 even for the drivetrain and 900 for the COMPLETE interior. I need this stuff gone as it is taking up space in my shop lot. If you want the interior or drivetrain please make me an offer for all of it(i.e. not just one seat or just for the engine but for all of it)
I will entertain ANY reasonable offer as i need this stuff gone ASAP.
Local pickup in Memphis. My cell number is (901)-218-3480 please call me if you have any interest i am very flexible.
thanks for all of the interest and support from the forum,
Matt Coleman:cheers:
oh yeah, i almost forgot, i still have the complete J spring/L shock suspension for sale. the passenger side front shock is bad but the rest is good. $400 for everything, no seperate parts.
Are those axles still available?
no the axles have been sold, they were spoken for right after the truck was wrecked
Then probly yer just selling the Power train....
yeah, just the power train, engine/transmission/t-case, all still bolted together. someone make me an offer on this please!
Does the lift include the steering stabilizer and the caster correction bushings as well?

Can you give me a break down of all the parts included with the lift?

If you would be willing, I would like a price on just the seat covers(camo). I know its small potatos so if your not interested its cool.
Where's the tie rod? I'd like it... been begging for it. Offered a good price too!
i will be in auburn this coming weekend 10-13 to see Jeni.
while i'm there we will talk about the tie rod and draglink.
i know you need them bad. if you don't want the christo slee stuff,
i came across the factory tie rod and link that you are welcome to if you want to try and wrestle the ends out of it...........

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