1994 FJ80 front speaker replacement.

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
Does any ordinary style speaker work as a replcement for the front speakers in an 80 or is there any spcific type that are better than others. thanks
Found some Alpines that worked in mine. Sometimes it's worth paying the Crutchfield mark-up for their research.
crutchfield shows that they dont have any that will fit in the front of the 94. where did you find your alpines
Some speakers may need additional mounting hardware, but its very simple. The hardware is basically a round hollow ring that covers the outside of the speaker hole. It mounts to the stock speaker mounts and lets you drill new holes anywhere. It also acts as a spacer incase the aftermarket speaker has a bigger magnet. Doing this will not allow you to use the stock speaker covers. I have had luck with JBL and Kenwood speakers mounting to the stock locations in a 91. Basically any 5 1/4 inch speaker will work with the mounting brackets. (assuming the front speakers are the same size as they are in the 91). To use stock ones I would trust Crutchfield. Now deciding what speaker to actually buy..totally depends on budget/sound quality. Be sure to look at rms watt ratings, not just peak watt ratings. And be sure to bring a sample of the music you listen to to the store to test the speakers. In general w/ car audio you get what you pay for.

I'm not into sound systems so I can't give specific advice.

This topic has come up numerous times in the past. As I recall, the front speakers have to be very shallow and there are only a few speakers that will fit without mods or spacers. Do some some searching here and in the SOR archives (link is above) for some good information about the front speakers. Possible keywords are Eclipse, Crutchfield, and other stereo words probably in combination with "front speaker"

Any aftermarket speaker is good. Its hole is six inches, but i've found most speakers don't fit in cause it is larger, so you might need a spacer.... Oh yeah, I also found it's cheaper for me to buy stuff local and they install it for free. If you get connections at shops then they could hook you up. Right now i'm running a ghetto set up in front. Instead of using spacers for the speakers and drilling more holes in the door, i'm using duct tape to hold the speaker down. Well, atleast it works..;)
I've been going through this for the last few weeks, doing research and e-mailing different guys from this list that have done this. I finally had to remove the door panel to fully understand what it looked like, and measure carefully what will fit or not. I found that there is a metal rail that the window slides up and down in, (the window glass slides inside a groove so if your speaker touched the metal rail the glass will still open and close) and measured carefully to find that there is about 3 1/4" max. of depth from that metal rail to the end of the dash with the door closed. Most of the slim fit 5 1/4" speakers are 1 3/4" mounting depth, so these would be the easist to fit, but several people are fitting a 6 1/2" speaker but these will take more custom trimming and building spacers to fit.
Spacers can be made from 1/4" tempered hardboard (the stuff that looks like pegboard but with out holes, and it's smooth on both sides) or even 1/2" MDF. I plan to make a spacer that fit's onto the metal where the original speaker mounted, and glue and screw it to the metal. Next I will remove the original grill covers from the door panel, then remount the door panel. Now depending on how deep your speaker is, you will check it's fit, and if it fits tightly in place your ready to drill and screw it to the door (wire the speaker first) If your speaker is still not sitting flush with the door panel you need to make another spacer that will fit on top of the door panel , so cut another spacer of the required thickness and check fit again. When it fits, you will want to shape the wood nicely and cover with a vinyl color of your choice and mount the speaker for a clean nice looking installation.
As far as speakers go, I kept going up in prices the more I listened to different ones and found which ones I liked the best then went to the NET and found I could save $100 by ordering them myself. I liked FOCAL speakers, and just ordered the 6 1/2" 165CA. Be advised that the 5 1/4" 130CA would be easier to fit, and the ones I ordered might not fit. If not I'll put them into the back doors or into my car. There are a lot of speakers made for shallower mounting depth, but nothing like the factory speaker. Eclipse, Infinity, JBL, Kenwood, Pioneer, to name a few. I decided that mounting them myself and saving a lot on the speakers is easily within most that are mechanically minded. Very few tools are required, a jigsaw and drill and screwdrivers.

I'll try to post some pictures of mine when finished

Hope this helps.

hmm. interesting well based on what my dad said about cutting the dahs for a new player i doubt he will let me mess with the door for different speakers. i need to find something that will mount right in with ease. i wonder if i could find stock speakers anywhere. or maybe go real cheap and run the front speaker wire to some 6x9's in the back. thanks
the hole in the old dash is a smaller whole than the width of most small cd players or at least the one i bought. plus the kit i got that said would fit the 80 didnt. i would have had to make my one brackets. doesnt matter though the stock style system is fine with me except its has proven difficult to try to hook an amp up. i think if i can find some decetn front speakers it should be fine.
what i would do if i were you is take the junk back and but one that fits there really not that bad price wise and its an easy install on your own just use a 9 volt battery cut ant cobnnect to the battery till you here a pop that will tell you what speaker it is then sodder and go. Im going to add a sub with amp right after christmas ill let you know the route i take.

Eclipse SE8252...trust me =)
I replaced my front door speakers on my 1992 FJ with kenwoods but the back or magnet was too long so i put some spacers in the hole fittings and it fir just perfect. Not the best speakers but its just someting temporary
Real happy with my 5 1/4" Eclipse. I got them on ebay dirt cheap. Still the best bang for the buck mod I've done.
Damn window

So if you have already removed the stock speaker you see that the tracking for the window is right up on the ass of the speaker...there are only a few 5 1/4 that fit in the door, the eclipse is one of them pioneer and alpine both make ones that fit. The key word in this discussion is DEPTH b/c as long as your speaker is under the depth req. you are fine (about 1 3/4)...Also make sure the speaker magnet is not touching the track....
I bought Audiobahn 6 3/4" fronts (3" deep) and am still looking for someone to do some fiberglass work to install them on the Door (I have no time, maybe over the holiday). I've had only rear sound for the past 2 months and that doesn't help when you have 2- 15" subs, forgive me I was an audiofile pre popping my off road cherry.

Anymore Audio questions please send them my way, I"m more than happy to help out.
The trick I used to get the eclipses to clear the window track(they would hit if you just put them in the hole) is to take the grill surround and flip it over. It creates a perfect 3/8" spacer that is pre-made, pre-drilled, and completely seals to the truck and speaker(as opposed to spacers on each individual bolt or screw).

Here's a picture of some $50 6.5" CDT cl-6 for the rears. I paid $5 for a body shop to cut a hole big enought of the magnets, then I'll use .6" nylon spacers and screw the speakers down to the doors. So as you can see these are huge compared to stock and eclipse's, but if you measure the depth to the window arm out, then thay are only .6" taller.

I'm not totally sure what I'll do about the grills yet.

I'm putting CDT CL-6x in the front.
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