1994 Factory Locked VXR GCC Spec in USA (1 Viewer)

Sep 9, 2022
I'm excited for joining this platform and I would like to introduce you to my 1994 factory locked GCC spec VXR land cruiser with 86k miles. The truck was very kept (parked on a rug in a controlled temp garage). I lived in the UAE for 6 years and was always a fan of the 80 series but at the time I was there it wasn't practical for me to own one. After I moved to the states I decided to ship one from there for few reasons. I have owned 1994 US spec and I didn't like the fact it didn't have rear AC (my kids will always be hot in the back), also it had very high mileage, so it was very sluggish and had bad fuel economy. Living in the UAE, I knew the 80 series GCC spec had rear AC, also some of them came with auxiliary fuel tank, fridge and ice maker. Also some of them came with the barn doors (my favorite) and troopy style third row seats in addition to the factory tire swing out tire carrier. So once I found what I'm looking for, I bought and shipped here to the US. It's a dream to drive.
I can keep going about it all day but I'll leave it here for now. Here are some photos.




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