1994 80 San Francisco Bay Area

United States
Hey all,

I saw this 80 for sale at the same auto broker I bought mine from. He said it is a 1 owner. It has factory lockers, no running boards, and is a cloth interior.

Here is the link: http://www.nohrsauto.com/used.php?dd=www.nohrsauto.com:auto:88

The guy is a really good guy and said he wants to move it and would take $9900 (he might go a little lower but he normally prices things to move).



Mar 27, 2003
north of 49
lockers and a cloth interior is an unusual combination and that's an unusually good price. Anyone thinking of buying this might want to try to get the factory build sheet from a Toyota dealer to make sure it was that way when it started life.
May 7, 2003
I'm pretty sure it is, I believe it was a one owner trade in. The guy that has it is a broker and often will broker a new car and then take the owners old car in trade. He generally only sells clean cars. I like him because 1) he brokered a used Pathfinder for me at a good price, 2) by father in laws Mercedes was bought from him a good price, and 3) I got my LC from him for a deal. He is a very straight shooter.

BTW, for anyone interested in it, there is a Toy dealer down the street if you want a perpuchase inspection. Also my mechanic is located around the corner from this broker, and even though he is a BMW mechanic, he works on my LC and I 4wheel with him.


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