1994-1997 FJZ80 Transmission Belly Skid Plates

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Oct 1, 2008
United States
These 3/16" skid plates have already been cut and drilled to mount on a 96 but I'm told that 94-97 should all be the same. These were cut with my torch so they don't have plasma smooth edges but 10 minutes with a grinder and you'll be good to go. I'm selling them cheap at $150 just to cover the cost of the metal and my oxy-acetylene (I made one for myself and had a lot of left over metal). I've tested mine repeatedly and it's stout as can be and since they stretch from frame rail to frame rail for support, I think it's impossible to bend them enough to make contact with the tranny pan.

I'm driving from Laredo, TX to Wilmington, NC to Washington, DC (moving) next week and am happy to meet anyone enroute and give it to them directly. That way, you save on shipping a heavy awkward item and can use that money for more Cruiser goodies.

Disclaimer: Even though I made the holes oversized for adjustabilty, slight modifications may be in order. Also, I'll have my work clothes in the truck and provided there's no inclement weather and you don't look shady, I don't mind helping you install it wherever we meet.

Don't mind the green paint, it's what I had when I primered mine. If nothing else, it makes a contrast so you can see it better.





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im interested, are you coming through san antonio? please pm me

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