For Sale 1993 Land Cruiser Locked.....

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That FJ keeps calling my name so I'm putting my 80 back up for sale. As of last week the oil pump seal and crank seal have been replaced. Brand new drives belts and fresh coolant as well. Interior is in great shape minus a hairline crack in dash barely noticeable and seats that are cracking a bit; motor is shot in the seats too.

Overall this cruiser is in terrific shape! I have the running boards and third row as well. Needs an intake accordion tube (sourced one for $45). Has lockers and they work just fine. D light even works.

Pricing this at a very fair $4500. I have several people off CL that want more pics but would rather sell it to a MUD member; I'm near Atlanta.





How many miles on it?
I still have the truck if anyone is interested.....might be gone this week but still waiting for a buyer. No leaks and drives great.

Willing to work a little more on the price for MUD members.
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Would really like to sell this's a terrific cruiser. I've got an FJ calling my name.

PM'd, white, locked, and in terrific rust.
That first picture is not doing you any favors it makes it look like all the fluids have dripped from your vehicle over time.
That's water from the car wash I was at when the pic was taken. I clearly stated all seals have been replaced ($600). Nothing leaks at all. Car is dry and runs like a champ. Locked and lockers actually work. PHH done. I drive her everyday.

Really shocked no one on here wants a white well kept early locked '93. D light even works.

I have a pending sale come Saturday morning. If anyone is interested let me know because after Sat morning she very well may be gone.
It's probably just the mileage and the year. A lot of people looking harder for 95-97 obd-II trucks. I have a locked 93 myself, but I paid about $1000 less with 200,000 miles (though mine doesn't haven't as nice a body and paint as yours).

And not to be rude, but the 'take away' approach kinda turns people off; "someone's coming to buy this on Saturday so hurry up and get it," or "lots of interest from Craigslist but I want Mud member to get it."

I think you can actually get close to your asking price if the paint and body are in as nice a condition as they look. Will just take some time and patience.
It's your truck so it's your business but I would think with those miles you would be looking around $3500. I've actually been looking for an 80 and seems like all the ones I find are too far to drive but with 300, 000 on the clock, I'm seeing them anywhere between $3000 - $3500. If I wanted to make the trip I found a locked 93 and the guy was willing to take $2800. Not as nice as yours though. Good luck, white is my favorite color on an 80.
Where are located?
Congrats! Hope you got every penny of your asking price!
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Thanks....I did. Hated to part with it but picked up my FJ today and am happy.

New owner should be a member on here soon.
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