1993 grill and part number question

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Apr 11, 2006
I have a 1993 FZJ that I'd like to replace the grill on. It's the one that says TOYOTA across the front. Well, the local toyota dealer says that they discontinued that part and gave me an updated part # which is
53101-60130 for the grill and 75311-60090 for the emblem in the grill. The picture he showed me looked like the 95-97 grill with the Toyota symbol in the middle.
My question. I thought the 91-94 grill was not interchangable with the 95-97 grill. Am I wrong?
Just want to make sure the above part #'s will fit my 93


Does anyone know if the 91-94 grill is interchangable with the 95-97 grill????
Does anyone know if the 91-94 grill is interchangable with the 95-97 grill????

I have a 1991 FJ80 with the newer grille, didn't change it myself the previous owner had it done. It has the gold toyota emblem in the center.
Awesome, that's all I needed to know.

You're welcome.

I snapped a couple of pics from behind the grille for you.
Looks like the lower center connection of the grille to support member did not line up perfectly so they didn't install a screw/connector there.
Hasn't harmed anything though, it still butts up along the post.
If I was a stickler I could just drill a new hole in the support bracket to have it align properly.

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It'll fit, but like Marco said, some holes won't align properly.
I'm sure CDan can get the part numbers for you.

why not simply check the parting out section to see who has a grill to sell from a pre-95 80?
According to my Mitchell's estimating guide the original part # is:
53111-60070 list: $160

the replacement part #s you were given for the newer 95-97 grille are correct...and interestingly, are actually cheaper. grille $128, emblem $17
The 91-94 grille is a superceeded number and the new version still says "TOYOTA" but it has additional holes in it for a "DIESEL" or "TURBO" emblem (since this grille is actually a diesel application as opposed to petrol).

The 95-97 grille will not fit an earlier vehicle "properly". The headlamps, center grille brace and lower valance panel are different.
Does 53101-60130 come with the Toyota sombrero or must you purchase separately? TIA!


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