1993 fzj80

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I'm selling my 1993 FZJ80. Dark green/gray interior. 168K. ARB bullbar, factory front and rear locking diffs with center diff lock switch, upgraded headlamps. Vehicle is in good to very good condition inside and out. Just had the front axle serviced, and the head gasket was replaced at 158K with CDan's kit. $6000. pics available on the Bend, Oregon craigslist. Reply by email to mshinder@bendbroadband.com.
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Nice rig, is it using any oil (i.e.:burning, drips,leaks)?? How is the transmission and have you had routine maint. performed on it?

Tire size, brand and condition ??

Any other mods ?

The front axle service and HG is a nice plus !!

More pics please.

Has vehicle shipping gone down lately ??
You are on the opposite coast from me.

Hey folks,

Thanks for the replies. Here are some answers to your questions:

1. Oil use/drips/leaks-there is a fairly typical oil leak in the area of the rear main but it is not the rear main. The leak does not leave drops on the floor, but it is enough to keep the motor/tranny connection moist. I burn about a liter every oil change.

2. routine maintenance-I have done most of the routine maintenance myself and have taken it to a Toyota certified mechanic for things I didn't want to do (front axle service). I need to do a coolant system flush ASAP and will do so before selling. It is also close to brake service time, which I will also have done before selling.

3. Tire size/other mods--tire size is 265/75/16--larger than stock but not large. They are Toyo A/Ts with about 40% tread left. All mods completed are listed in the description.

4. more pics--I would be happy to send them if you reply to the email address in the original post. Let me know what specific pictures you want and I'll shoot em.

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no chance you would take a jeep wrangler plus cash for this is there?
Yea i know, jeeps suck, but they are great to beat the s*** out of.
nope. there is no chance I would trade this for a jeep. Thanks for the offer.

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