For Sale 1993 FZJ80 Savannah GA $3000

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United States
Besides driving my 80 around been off the land cruiser wagon for awhile with everything at work. Getting rid of the TOY as I haven't wheeled it once in the almost 2 years I've owned it. Have a beater Honda now for commuting. Anyway if anyone is looking for a clean but needs mechanical work 80 with lockers let me know. I'm asking 3000. No rust (a bit of surface on the frame towards the trailer hitch) just few hail dents on the hood and back corner of bumper. White with swapped in really nice cloth seats. Leaks oil from the front cover and the power steering hose. Has a tick but PO drove it for a couple years like that and I've been driving it every day with it. After listening to videos on here it sounds just like a valve shim. AC works as long as you are moving but when it gets close to 100 outside and you stop in traffic it can't keep up. Drivers side mirror is broke and I'm sure it needs a front end rebuild and or a birf in there as it clicks when you steer with the locker engaged.

Did the 7 pin and put in a CDL and has blue hub on the fan. Other than that stock. Front locker does engage but rear does not. Guessing motor is froze up.

Will work on getting photos up but can e-mail them pretty easy. Just shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you.

Asking $3000 Located in Savannah GA

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