For Sale 1993 fzj80 3" up on brand new 37's

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This is my description from my ebay add, here's a link for more pics...

Toyota : Land Cruiser | eBay=

don't tell anyone but Mud Price is asking $8500, FIRM because I'm not desperate to sell. Not into trades unless you have a Ducati maybe.
call or email, Nick 913-449-0798

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser, FZJ80, not FJ80. The Z gets you factory front, rear & center locking differntials.
184,xxx original miles with every factory option I believe. Power Locks, Windows, Sunroof, ect. Just broken in I'd have to say. I am the third owner of this very well maintained rig.
Originally this was sold brand new in the San Diego area where it spent it's pampered suburban life until 4 years ago. At that point the owner installed theARB front bumper, OME 3" lift with proper offset castor correcting ball joints and BFG A/Ts and rebuilt the front end. And then instantly sold it to a fellow cruiser head and european car shop owner in the San Franciso area. He had other toys to wheel so this was his wifes daily driver, but with kids this quickly became tiresome so it was replaced and sat quitely with less than 20k miles added.
That is where I come it, I purchased this FZJ80 in October of 2009 with 164k miles. Met him at the airport, checked out the cruiser and was very pleased with the owner and the Cruiser. I work in a collision repair shop and am very weary when buying cars, especially older ones like this.

At that point I took the very scenic rout home and logged 1,800 flawless miles on it. This Cruiser drives very nice, it's not a handful, rides a little stiff due to heavier spring but I've used it as a daily driver since I purchased it. I would drive this thing to Alaska tomorrow without a doubt if someone was supplying the fuel.
1 year ago I changed every fluid in the vehicle. Brand new synthetic differential fluids, tranny flush, p/s fluid & oil of course, belts, new rear brakes. The only thing I've had to do aside from regular maintaince was I just put in an O2 sensor 2 weeks ago. CEL and other warning lights are NOT on.
This Cruiser has all orignal factory paint.
Carpet is still flawless do to big rubber mats.

Brand new Winshield

Third row seat is not pictured but is included, very nice condition.

New 17" Toyota FGay Cruiser wheels on Cooper Discover STT's 37x12.5x17 2k miles on them. They don't rub in the back, they will barely, (1/8") rub inside controls up front if you crank steering wheel to full lock.
Being a California Cruiser, this is spotless inside and out and underneath as far as rust or corrosion. Only 1 rust spot, see photos. It's on the tailgate, started when I brought her back to the Midwest. Lower right corner of the rear glass on tailgate where every cruiser rusts from rubber seal chaffing paint.
Original Seat Covers are showing signs of wear. Leather is discolored and slightly ugly but no tears or rips. Still very soft.
It has a door ding or 2, one scrape on right front flare, rear flares have quite a few rock chips but no collision damage or trail pinstriping.
Original Gears, it does fine here in flat country but If you are to relocate this to the mountains where it belongs, you better have pleanty of time when climbing highway hills or Re-Gear it. Here, it will do 75+ no problem but I don't push it. I cruise @ 70 tops and don't don't work her going up hills. You don't get in a hurry in any cruiser.
Sometimes rear locker doesn't like to engage, has to be on loose terrain. I haven't truely wheeled this Cruiser so I rarely lock her up. Probably from lack of use, may or may not need future service.
On cold days, on cold start ups, sometimes you hear a lifter chatter for literally 1-2 seconds after hitting key. It's done it since I bought it so I don't see an issue. Previous owner was a mechanic, he wasn't scared of it either.
I have not corrected Speedo & odometer, I thought I was moving out of state so I was going to wait and see what kind of gears to go with, which you'd need to know to set Speedo with the "Yellow Box" Speedo Corrector. If you are going 70 mph, it will currently read 60 mph. Not a huge deal unless you can't subtract 10 from any number.
Im selling this because I'm not going to get to play like I'd like to with her anytime soon and there's no point in having it sit and rot, and as a daily driver's isn't practical for me. We have 6 six cars so something needs to go. I do regret it, most aren't this clean.
Questions welcomed, feel free to inspect in person before sale. Sold as is, where is, Shipping is up to buyer.
Forgot to add, this did get hailed on while I was out of town, early April this year. I filed a claim, was just over my deductible so I paid claim myself, had the hood Paintless Dent Repaired & 1 dent on right quarter panel. Still has factory paint!
I also have original factory 16's 5 spoke wheels, 5 of them, included if you want and I have a spare 17" FJ wheel to match but does not have spare 37" yet.
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