For Sale 1993 Built FZJ80

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
Burbank, California United States
1. 1993 FZJ80 clean ca title
2. passed smog in April of 2016
3. chromo inners front and rear and chromo birfs- nitro brand
4. arbs front and rear
5. 2wd conversion
6. 3:1 marlin tcase gears
7. 5.29 diffs
8. in cab roll cage welded to frame and body by Gabriel Motorsports
9. front bumper with winch by Gabriel Motorsports
10. swing away rear bumper with tire mount, gas can, and fluids
11. sliders
12. custom 1 off tcase and tranny skid plate by Gabriel Motorsports
13. 94 rear end with disc brakes
14. new brakes all the way around
15. new hub and knuckle studs all the way around
16. 35's goodyear wranglers
17. new interco birdog wheels
18. light bar (not installed but included)
19. new headliner
20. mastercraft front suspension seats
21. new inside carpet
22. tie rod and draglink upgrade from stock to 120 dom
23. winch warn 8000 with synthetic rope
24. new radiator and all hoses
25. phh is already replaced
26. red top batt with fitted batter box welded in
27. custom exahust that rerouted to get the the new cat up out of the way of rocks with new quiet muffler
28. front sway bar drop brackets
29. 2.5" arb lift with corrective bushings in the arms, adjustable rear track bar and rear upper links
30. all engine seals have been replaced in the front
31. new clutch fan
32. cold a/c that has been converted to 134 with new condensor
33. new alt
34. new belts
35. new ign wires
36. new rear drive shaft made by High Desert Driveline
37. comes with matching spare tire and wheel

most everything is tig welded professionally and all fab work and mechanical work is done by professionals at Marlin Crawler and Gabriel Motorsports.

located in sunland ca 91040

this thing is awesome to drive and wheel. its very capable yet comfortable to daily drive or take the family on a long road or expedition trip.
spare rear drive shaft is mounted on the roll bar in the back

the bad:
the paint has some bush pin stripes in it and a few little dents near the rear on drivers side
cracked front windshield and headlights
radio doesn't work
odometer reads 281k but quit working after we the 2wd conversion approx 3k miles ago last summer
exhaust system is in good shape and help together by clamps that are coming loose, I would take it out and weld it and hang it back up.

The CO2 tank and fire extinguisher thats mounted on the roll bar in the back isn't included with the vehicle.

This Land Cruiser gets driven once a week to work and back or to run an errand. I have only put 6k miles on it since I got it two years ago. It been incredibly reliable and everything is practically brand new except motor and tranny which still work great and has great HP and no smoke.

Price $14k





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That is an awesome rig. Well thought out, intelligent mods. Everything you need to wheel and nothing you don't. If I were on the west coast and could wheel more I'd pm you.

That is an awesome rig. Well thought out, intelligent mods. Everything you need to wheel and nothing you don't. If I were on the west coast and could wheel more I'd pm you.


thanks! ya i just want it to go to a good home. hope to someone local. every time i get in it i hate to sell it. its amazing after that many miles the motor still is peppy and has good acceleration. there are a couple things i would do it if i kept it. for the street its rides great but for the trail, you always want to keep modding things to make it better. you know how it goes.

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