For Sale 1993 3x Locked 6M1

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United States
Just testing the waters on my favorite vehicle i've ever owned. only reason for sale is i would like a daily driving 40..

9.5k Negotiable/ OBO

Now i'll list as much as i can remember on what I've done: i have receipts for about 80% on what has been completed at a local shop:
225k miles it will go up
All new OEM CV's axles etc, few yrs on them approx 20k miles
Blue clutch fan modded from landtank
Fusco temp gauge
AC fan pusher (landcruiserphils)
OEM heavys with shocks and bushing correction
adjustable panhards
Superwinch talon 12k
ARB bumper
kaymar dual swing out rear(only blinkers work the housing broke for the bulbs)
FJC wheels with 315/17/70 tires..they'll need replacing in a bit
sealed the windshield VIA mud thread
new rear locker actuator with sensor
valve cover gasket
NO E-BRAKE behind rear discs..pulled it out it sqeeked it bothered me,now a new disc sqeeks but im over it
Few year old exhaust
no ABS bypassed it along with the LSPV
PHH done when i first purchased it aprox 5yrs ago
No catalytic converters no inspection needed here in nj
New oem condenser R134a
Rear built rear axles
new brakes lines
SS extended lines from slee
the hood is plasti dipped it will come off
welcome to all extra parts that i have

I know i'll remember more and please ask any questions as i will answer them honestly.
the worst thing i would say about the truck is rust(usual body rust i have some sections of replacement panels if you want); the frame is solid but it was previous Maine truck and now resides in NJ. with all that being said as recent as August my old lady and i completed 14 days on the road driving over 5000 miles this August from NJ to Yellowstone through Utah,Colorado and back.

these pictures are not super recent however not much has changed if you are Truly interested please PM me and i can text you pictures of whatever you'd like

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