For Sale 1992 Landcruiser 186k miles NorCal

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United States
For sale is my 1992 Toyota Landcruiser. It has a little under 187,000 miles, which is pretty low for this model year. It has been a great vehicle, and the only reason for selling is that another Landcruiser has found itself in my driveway (oops!)
This vehicle is extremely reliable, I would drive it across the country tomorrow. I drove it down the Baja peninsula and back (3k+ miles) last winter and it didn’t have a single issue. CA truck its whole life.
Since I took ownership in October 2017, I have done the following items:
  • Removed OEM alarm system. It was not very functional.
  • Replaced windshield/gasket
  • Installed Pioneer Bluetooth stereo and 6.5” polk speakers all around. Sounds pretty decent.
  • Installed 16” wheels from a later year Landcruiser with 285/75/16 Cooper STT Maxx tires. They have good tread (>50% I’d say)
  • New Napa Battery
  • New Alternator (Denso)
  • New Cap/Rotor/Plugs/Wires
  • Replaced all three Belts
  • New wiper blades
  • New fusible links and EFI relay
  • New intake hose
  • New Old Man Emu stock height replacement springs with Bilstein shocks
  • Oil/Filter changes obviously
  • Previous owner removed the fender flares. I used liner to create “flares”. I tried to emulate the factory sandalwood color that was an option at the time. Pretty good for a DIY job, it looks great unless you look real close.
In the interest of transparency here are some items that may need addressed (depending on how picky you are). Nothing too scary here.
  • The exterior is just OK. It has a few scrapes and dings, and the clearcoat on the hood/roof/ upper fenders is rough/missing. Interior is pretty good.
  • Passenger side rear view mirror is cracked
  • I have OEM rack if you want it, but it is missing one of the rubber pads on the feet
  • Antennae doesn’t work. Haven’t tried fixing it
  • Driver window is slow
  • Driver seat is torn.
  • Master switch for window controls has a broken clip, held down with two screws (see picture)
  • Tailgate carpet is missing upper trim piece
$7k in receipts from previous owners, $2.7k in receipts from myself.
Receipts date to 2008 @145k miles

Google Photo album: 1992 Toyota Landcruiser

Asking 5.2k OBO

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