1992 FJ80 with 6.5 Turbo Diesel install thread

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Mar 3, 2006
Everett, WA
The build thread starts, I'm putting a 6.5 liter turbo diesel and 4L80E automatic transmission from a 1995 GMC Sierra into a 1992 Landcruiser. A few considerations are:

mounting position of the engine: The Land Cruiser 3FE is mounted off-center to the drivers side. This is to clear the driveline and keep it straight to the front axle. Not all LC engines are mounted this way, for example the 2H is slanted with the front section centered and rear off-center.

I will have to mount the front centered, and rear off-center like the 2H because the Diesel engine is much wider than the 3FE and will hit the steering box "etc" if I don't.

Gas pedal: The 6.5 is drive-by-wire, meaning I will have to salvage the gas pedal from the GMC Sierra.

Brakes: The vacuum pump on the 6.5 is sufficient to power the LC Booster, but if the pump breaks you lose brakes... When I got the 6.5, the pump was broken so that made me nervous. I have decided to use the GM Hydraboost brakes instead. I will need to modify the hydraboost master cylinder to fit the 80 series.

Adapter from auto tranny to 80 TC: I got this from Marks adapters in Australia, which allows you to keep the original drivelines and puts the TC in the stock location.

Engine mounts: I don't like buying the flat flange engine mounts, they seem weak to me. I'm making triangulated mounts out of 3/16" steel, and utilizing the stock enclosed GM mounts.

Fuel pump: I'm keeping the in-tank pump, but will use a regulator to reduce pressure.

Mounting: Several things need to happen to get the engine in place, removing the passenger shock mount, relocating the brake lines, relocating the fuel lines, and cutting off lots of brackets are in order (pics attached).

The build is already underway, but I will update as I go along
1005 003.jpg
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You probably got this on your list, but make sure you replace all your rubber fuel lines with diesel rated ones. Also, if you plan to run bio-diesel or WVO, get Viton hose.

Looking forward to following this build.
interested in following this for FAR future plans. subscribed. good luck! :cheers:
so your plans are running the stock PS pump ( 6.5T ) for steering box and brakes ...?

Yes, this is the way GM Hydraboost works

power steering pump has one output and two inputs, it feeds the brake booster, the brake booster feeds the steering box, and both have low pressure return lines back to the power steering pump.

easy peasy :banana:
DEFINITELY Subscribed!
Subscribed :popcorn:
Get a split case while you're in there so you can run in 2wd if you wan to. :grinpimp:

I've had this plan in the works for years now just no funds to do it.
Subscribed !
If only I had the money. Especially since I have to do a head job on my 1991 cruiser. Keeping an eye on this though for future reference and to drool.
I'm not sure which impressed me more - the project or that it is sunny in Seattle!!!

It's interesting that a '95 GMC had drive by wire. Is this a diesel thing or did the gassers from that era also had drive by wire?

On the 6.5TD engine, what do you expect the HP and Torque numbers to be? Assuming that the torque numbers are double (?) that of the 3FE, will this necessitate the upgrade of the driveshafts and other drivetrain parts?

Do you happen to know the dry weight of the engine (only)?

Looking at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Diesel_V8_engine, it appears as though you have the L56 (VIN S) engine, with the following potential figures:

* Engine RPO Codes: L49, L56, L57, L65, LQM, and LQN.
* Displacement: 6.5L / 397 cu in
* Bore x Stroke: 4.06 x 3.82 (in.)
* Block / Head: Cast iron / Cast iron
* Aspiration: Turbocharged (Borg-Warner GM-X series) Also available naturally aspirated.
* Valvetrain: OHV 2-V
* Compression: GM Early 21.3:1, GM Late 20.3:1, AMG/GEP Marine 18:1
* Injection: Indirect
* Power / Torque (lowest): 180 hp (134 kW) @ 3,400 rpm / 360 lb·ft (488 N·m) @ 1,700 rpm
* Power / Torque (highest): 215 hp (160 kW) @ 3,200 rpm / 440 lb·ft (597 N·m) @ 1,800 rpm
* Max RPMs: 3,400

Thanks and good luck.
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Although I like the split case, there's a HUGE benefit to AWD especially in the rain and snow.

The 6.5 weighs a little less than the 3fe, I can't remember what. HP numbers are 180 and 360 torque. I'm not expecting to upgrade the drivelines or axles. They are MORE than capable of hhandling the extra power. Look at the guys in UAE who are producing 1000 HP out of the 1FZ with twin turbo's and fine tuning.

I'm not sure when drive by wire hit gas engines, but this is the second year for the diesel

This should be a killer combo, and I'm looking forward to driving it. My client is VERY excited for this rig
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subscribed.. been thinking about this swap. Should be MANY 6.5 diesels out there for cheap.
Love it.... Subscribed.
I'm curious as to why you chose the Chevy 6.5, and not some other diesel.

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