For Sale 1992 FJ80 Silver/Grey 218k miles NICE (not mine) (1 Viewer)

Oct 6, 2016
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
64801 Joplin Missouri, United States
(NO AFFILLIATION) A used car dealer in Joplin, Missouri has a consigned 1992 Land Cruiser for sale. Very nice very clean, very original and rust free. I want it bad but already have a four LC's. Wife would kill me. I crawled under it and it appears rust free. Looked to have the common rear main leak, (frame lube:) Dealer said a non-land Cruiser person took it to a mechanic for an "inspection" and came back with a $6000 list. (A yeah it has 218k miles on it) I know the FJ80 very well and it looks like a very nice, clean speciman to me. Price seemed pretty firm as it is a consignment from a successful business man in town so no need to sell it cheap.

I would love to do a 5.3 Vortec conversion to it. Body, interior and overall condition would make it a perfect candidate.

The Jopin MO climate is the edge of the snow/ice belt and well kept vehicles do not rust. It also does not have the harsh sun of the sunbelt so interiors stay nice if kept out of parking lots all day. This one looks to have been in a garage and out of the sun. Best original interior I have every seen in an FJ80 and very clean body. Looks to be original paint which is hard to believe in silver. Needs flares repainted and new flare pads installed to be really nice and clean. That is about all I would do to it unless someone wanted to spend the time and money to do the oil leaks which would be a couple grand or so.

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