1992 FJ80 Drivetrain Quirk Questions (1 Viewer)

Jan 17, 2019
Hey MUD,

I just got back from a nice camping trip in the mountains and noticed a few things so I thought I'd pick your brains. 1992 FJ80, 3FE and A440F.

1st: Gear Whine in 1st
My cruiser has had this since day 1 when I got it 2 years ago. Basically it sounds like a high pitch whine that gets higher as rpm's go up, then go away in any other gear. It is present in 4-LO and 4-High so that to me indicates its in the tranny or in the high range side. Does anyone else have this whine? And does this mean the tranny has an issue?

2nd: Vibration at highway speeds when at partial throttle
This one is...hard to describe. Basically, if I give enough gas to maintain speed, but not enough to noticeably accelerate, I feel a fast, thumpy vibration, through the floor and pedal. If I completely release the throttle, it goes away. If I give it enough gas to accelerate, it goes away. Speeds that I noticed it were around 60-75 mph. I recently did some mods that may be in play here: OME 2.5" lift, 4.56 diff gears, and slapped on 295/75/16 KO2's. Any clue as to why I'm getting the vibration?

3rd was my mistake: Over rev damage to 3FE?
I mis-shifted going up a hill, went into N instead of 3rd. Speed was about 60mph. Revs instantly went way up. Noticed within a second and shifted back into D. Drove another 50 miles at highway speeds without any indication of damage. Am I safe?

And of course, THANK YOU! This trip wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge and support found here!
Oct 4, 2020
Bay Area, CA
Can't speak to the other two, but regarding #1, my 91 FJ80 whines in first gear as well. Not sure if that's normal either.
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
1. Whine in 1st gear. My 91 FJ80 had this since I drove it off the dealer's lot in 1991. Your transmission is fine. Do regular passive drain/refills once in a while.

2. Driveline buzz when coasting at highway speeds is a sign of worn slip yolks on one of the drive shafts. There should be ZERO rotational play between the 2 halves.

3. Over revving on a 3FE will have no effects unless you're above red line for an extended period of time, and even then, probably nothing will happen. Of course, I'm assuming you have motor oil in the engine.

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