1992 FJ80 Axle question...(s)

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Dec 23, 2005
Denver, Colorado
Getting ready to buy 80 series axles to put under my FJ40....Looking at a set from a 1992 FJ80.

Do all 80 series have HP Diffs?

Lockers came after what year?...93..94?

Can you put the stock lockers in older FJ80 axles?

Are the widths the same on all 80 series? ...60.5 flange to flange?

Thanks for the help!
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I think I found the widths...@ FZJ80 Specs

I didn't realize the FJ80 had such a difference in widths...not sure I want those axles...
as the front is 60.4 and rear is 62.2....

It shows the FZJ80 @ 62.8 front and 63 rear...hmmm....

Anyone know if these are right measurements?

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