1992 Bolt on Step sliders....will they bolt onto 1997 80?

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Mar 23, 2006
New to Seattle, WA
I'm about to pick these up....will they bolt onto my frame just the same? They look like slee sliders the truck is from Utah???
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Not without modification. The 91-92's had the exhaust running down the opposite side of the frame.

They won't fit your 97 as is.
Is it worth it if the sliders are only $100.00. How hard will the modification be?

They will not work sorry:rolleyes: But I have a 92 that would like $100 sliders.:grinpimp:

I have no idea if they will work or not::D
NM they were just metal running boards advertised as sliders.

If its too good to be true....
Actually they were advertised as "steps/sliders." I took the photos of them before I removed them but knew I wanted them off and gone, hence the price. Weld some angle iron to them and beef them up.

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