1992 3FE 80 Series

Jul 25, 2021
Phoenix, AZ
Good day all, picked up a 1992 FJ80 series yesterday down in Southern Arizona. Just checking in, I am sure I will have plenty of questions in the future.

Off the bat, the 80 is complete and in its stock form. Has 247 000 miles on it. It has been pretty neglected by the PO. Going to take some time cleaning it up, but it has potential. The paint is rough, but other than that zero rust, nice straight chassis. I already started power washing the chassis and ripping the carpets out to start cleaning.

It was not running when I picked it up, so had to use a come along to get it up on the trailer. I've spent a good few hours reading through the forum to try and get a grip on it. I hooked up a battery and it was cranking nicely, just not firing. Will start tearing into it this week. Initial thoughts are the EFI relay, fusible link, fuel pump and to check all electricals.

Can not wait to get this Cruiser back on the road! Comments and advice are always welcome!

Cheers, Adriaan
Phoenix, AZ




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