1991 windshield washer diverter valve?

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Jul 22, 2004
I have been searching but am unclear if the 91-92 have diverter valve? My rear window washer work but the front is no longer working. I can hear the pump running. I put a gallon in tonight. Is it a diverter valve? Or something else? I'll clean the sprayers tomorrow but I would think they would at least dribble?

Thank you in advance!
Two different pumps on a 91. I believe they're both on the bottom of the reservoir.
Confirmed! My 92 has two pumps on bottom of windshield washer tank. Rear going to rear window and forward pump going to windshield.
FWIW - One of the pumps, I can't remember if it was front or rear, is no longer available from Toyota. If you do replace the pump, make sure you also get the little rubber bung/bushing that fits on the nipple!

pretty sure they are identical pumps- but, I did replace one- purchased from Advance Auto Parts I think.... its been a couple years back....

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