SOLD 1991 HDJ81 JDM OEM Triple locked and built

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United States
Its been such fun owning "Huckleberry", but its time to move to a more appropriate DD.

Price: 18,500 CDN (able to import to US)
Currently located in Vancouver, BC.
305,xxx km

Original domestic purchased for $20k through Outback Imports in Feb 2007 w/150,000km
Fully baselined at ATEB (local JDM shop) at that time (including BEB)
$17k in parts alone spent since then (listed below)

I purchased it in 2014 and maintained it regularly since.

No accidents

Drives great super quick off the line (relatively speaking), sounds great, looks great, always a conversation starter.

  • Safari Snorkle
  • Gturbo 1st Generation Grunter Turbo (makes 20psi @ 1500rpm)
  • Modified fuel pin +tuned to match turbo with safe EGTs
  • Walbro 12V pusher pump, primes fast at filter change, no hand-pumping
  • Custom 4" Plenum
  • Water-air intercooler system (tested at 69% effective)
  • Water-methanol injection system
  • 3.5" ceramic coated turbo dump pipe
  • 3" mandrel bent exhaust with straight-through muffler from ATEB
  • Wholesale Automatics Extreme Valve Body installed at ATEB
  • Large Transmission Fluid Cooler
  • Upgraded alternator to 130a
  • Lower rad hose heater, battery blankets
  • Optima Yellow Top batteries, replaced as a pair 1yr ago
  • Timing Belt done @300,000km
  • ACSD removed
  • Old Man Emu "J" springs and "L" shocks -- approx 4" lift
  • Level stance and no driveline vibrations or weird handling
  • Adjustable front and rear panhard bars to center axles
  • Front and rear sway bars are currently installed
  • 315/75/16 BFG KO2 tires (1 year old) includes set of 4x V-bar chains
  • Factory Triple electric lockers - Work great!
  • "Pin 7 mod" to allow Low range without locking center diff
  • Caster correction plates
  • Slee Offroad front double cardan driveshaft
  • Big brake upgrade on front AND rear end - uses late model larger rotors and calipers with bigger pads -- significantly improves braking over stock
  • Pads and rotors were recently inspected and deemed to be at 80%
  • Dash gauge pod w/ Isspro EGT / Boost / Trans Temp Gauges
  • Air conditioning and center console Cool Box work
  • Turbo Timer
  • JVC double DIN CD/Bluetooth head unit, Alpine amps, 12" sub in rear panel
  • Viair 12V onboard air w/ 11 gallon tank under bed and quick connects front+rear
  • Dynamat (QuietCrap) and 1" acoustic foam over entire body (not headliner)
  • Heated front seats
  • Sleeping platform and storage unit (DIY)
  • Rear Husky cargo liner
  • Better cup holder
  • Body is in very good shape - Painted with Monstaliner (there was no rust, I did it to cover the holes left behind from deflare). You will either love it ... or hate it.
  • ARB Front winch bumper
  • Tow hitch from Burnaby Hitch
  • Aisin factory winch w/ remote and Amsteel blue synthetic winch rope
  • 20" light bar
  • Depot style headlight upgrade (corner, turning, and headlight)
  • Cruisin' Offroad Sliders (bolt-on)
  • 6 ARB rain gutter clamps and home-made aluminum rack
  • Amsoil Heavy Duty Diesel Full Synthetic Oil since I've owned it, including original Toyota oil filters
  • Amsoil bypass filtration system
  • Amsoil Synthetic Gear Oil in front+rear diffs + tcase
  • Quite a few extra parts, spare turbo, 3" exhaust and intercooler parts, some parts that I was collecting to begin a 4" exhaust system, huge bag of various sized spare Toyota bolts
  • A fair bit of maintenance was done at ATEB since the previous owner and I have owned it: including injection pump resealing, injector removal and rebuilding (Fred Holmes), front knuckle resealing, valve clearances, coolant and steering fluid flushes, wheel bearings, and much more (~$5000). Most recently, the front heater core was replaced with a n aluminum one.
  • Chassis and Engine Manuals, aftermarket parts instruction manuals, as well as customized part numbers list and modification details provided to help out down the road
  • eligible for US import
What's wrong:
  • Typical small leaks/weeps from a 26 year old truck. It doesn't lose any fluids in quantities sufficient to require refilling. Oil level doesn't change between fills.
  • Power windows are very slow in cold weather, which is typical for 80-series Landcruisers, there are several known methods of improving this.
  • Front wipers high speed position has never worked, possibly needs switch cleaning.
  • The AC needs recharging - it does NOT leak. I had to have is discharged when I replaced the front heater core. It has been converted to the modern refridgerant.
  • The low fuel light is sticky - currently stuck "on". Go over a big bump and it will go off again (but then its stuck off)





I just couldnt do it. I cant let it go. Decided that and "appropriate daily driver" is overrated. Truck is no longe for sale.

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