1991 FJ80 parts car? in N Calif FYI (1 Viewer)

United States
Found an 80 for sale about a mile from my house today. It’s not my vehicle, nor do I know the owner... just passing this along to anyone who might be interested.

FJ80 mfd 2/91
Odo: 316,464
Axel/trans: K292/A440F
Silver/gray color w/cloth seats
DS door/LH fender & rocker have a bit of damage
Sign says: “Needs motor”


Located approx 100mi north of Sacramento in Paradise CA

If anyone has a serious interest please PM and I can dig a bit more.

Cheers, R -

PS: Looks like it has been wheeled a bit, and has been sitting out for a while. Also, has a brand new CA plate with a current registration sticker.
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