1991 FJ80 "Locked Motor"

United States
He she is, my 1991 80. My wife killed it about 5 months ago. She was running down the interstate when appaerently the oil pump went out. She pulled over and it never ran again. Currently the motor is locked up. I tried with a 24" cressant and couldn't get it to move. This truck has been with me since I was 12my dad bought it used in 1992 with 8K on it. I have all the records from this time. I has a Toyota Factory paint job that is warrentied for life. Inside it shows it's years but it isn't bad for 15 years old. The truck has 206K on it and the trans back is in good condition. It was only offroaed twice in it's life and eat up the mud. If you are looking for something to rig up with a new motor then this is a good one for you. All I ask is that I get to ride when you are finnished.

Location: Salisbury, NC
Price: $3000
Description: Locked Motor. All other fuction are good except power antanna.

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Sep 3, 2004
Charlotte, NC

I can bring some distance if it will help. I got lots of time on my hands right now. Broke my foot and am out of workfor6 more weeks.

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