1991 FJ80 A Pillar / Hinge Pillar Repair



Aug 23, 2021

A few years back, my SO got into a fender bender with our 91 FJ-80. A truck ran a red light in front of her and she slid sideways into them. Insurance 'totaled' the vehicle and I bought it back for a price i couldn't pass up. It has sat on our property ever since & I am just now getting around to resurrecting it. Damage is relatively minimal. The majority of the damage is on the lower A pillar. It is crushed inward a bit and will either need to be straightened out or have a new section welded in. The rest of the truck is straight (frame, body, etc). I have a door and fender ready to mount up and have a source for a replacement pillar if needed. I have called around to some local collision shops and have been rejected by all of them. Nobody seems to want to take on the job. It seems strange to me, but I understand they make more $ on insurance jobs.

Can anyone recommend a shop in the midwest (I'm in MN) that would take this kind of work? Is it crazy to think this pillar can be straightened out? I've attached some pics of the damage for reference.

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20211124 201305

20211124 201317

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