For Sale 1991 FJ75 troopy LHD - Draper, UT

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Vehicle Model
  1. 70 Series
United States
No affiliation. Looks like a Middle East import. I’d be willing to check it out for anyone seriously interested

“1991 Toyota fj75 troop carrier, F3 motor, great condition. New interior, Air Conditioner, 4x4 lo/hi, new snorkel, rear bumper, door seals, locks, electrical, drive line, carb tune up, tint, carpet, seat belts, trim parts, insulation, front grill, running boards, door locks, door handles, bearings, speed cable, speakers, all fluids, $5,000 in OEM new parts, runs perfect, no rust!!! $49,999 Or best Offer
Own the iconic Land Cruiser Troopy. No trades, no joy rides, serious inquiries only.”

What is the opinion on that price, $49K? It looks like a very clean rig
I bet he gets 50k. Clean truck. Original. Looks proper. Smart move to put a big number on it....some people like buying the big number ones.
50k and I'm betting the tires are too old to be on the highway... I'd expect better.
$50K seems a little high but if it is truly "no rust" then it is easy to over pay a bit for this fine example.

Not a fan of the 3F engine though. Easier to change the motor than to do rust repair, yes?

I like that it has no flares but too bad someone put a snorkel on it. I hate those two mods personally.
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If you search Dakar Tundra you can pull up plenty of D110 and Troopy photos. Martin is a good dude. Not sure I would ever pay $50k, but others might and that is probably who he is looking for.

Yeah Martin is a good dude, even though Joe Rogan called him a "poser" lol. I've seen this truck. It's pretty nice. Repainted, some interior work, seems like it runs great. He's also building another troopy with a custom motor swap.

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