1991 Cruiser , what are they worth? General Newb Questions...

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Jan 23, 2006
Hello guys,

I am new here. I own a few 4wd vehicles, and I'm looking for something to use on the beaches here in South TX for shark fishing :D

I have found a 1991 model, 218k miles, auto, and the ad says 'AWD'...were they AWD? I thought LC's were 4wd? The ad says "All Time 4wd", but I can see a t-case lever...

I looked through the 'FAQ', and noticed a FAQ regarding AWD, 4WD, etc...but didn't mention if LC's came AWD or not.

Also, 218k miles on original engine and tranny...should I be overly concerned if it checks out and seems to be well maintained?

Lastly, it has a OME lift...what's the quality of the OME lift kits for the LC's? I have had a samurai with OME springs, and they seemed to be great...but not familiar with the cruiser parts.

Lastly, what is a 'going rate' for a 1991 model in average condition with 218k miles and a 4.5" lift w/33's? What could I expect to replace soon, and what should I ask about what has been replaced already?

Thanks for the help
Shawn - trying to convert to a LC ;)
The 91/92 LCs are AWD due to them havinng a center diff (locks to make it 4WD) with two speed (the reason for the lever).

It will probably want a "birf. job" which is about a whole day and $400 bucks or a whole day and $1000 bucks depending of if you DIY or pay someone to do it. The 3FE on these is a pretty trusty motor, slow and torquey, but usually run atleast 300k before needing to be rebuilt, can be rebuilt 3 times, so 1,200k can be had from it. Tranny is very stout, and if kept cool and the oil changed will remain in great shape.

Find out a few more details about the lift, which springs and shocks (assuming 850J/863J if 4.5" and should have 73L/74L shocks), if it has extended brake lines, extended diff. breathers, extended bump stops, and extended sway bar mounts, also see what has been done to correct the caster.

Going rate could be anywhere from $3000 to $6000 depending on condition, maintainance, how well the lift was executed, and what is broken/needs replacing.

I'd suggest a test drive before you buy just to make sure you are happy with the way it handles/drives with the tires and lift. You may be happier with the more powerful 93-97 LCs.

I personally like my '92 and wouldn't trade it for a '93+. If you can find others in the area, find which one feels right, gut instinct is usually the best to go wiht when buying a Cruiser, none will let you down, it just depends on whether you wanna get your hands dirty or can drive in the slow lane or not as to which to get.

:flipoff2: WELCOME to the forums!
I would think about 5k(rough guess). Depends on what it got (options) and where it's located( non-salted road vehicles would be more). Check in the Vehicles for sale forum section of Mud for comparison. Welcome!
Iam not sure of price in your area but Iam in oregon and paid 5800 for my 91 with 167,000, stock and in good shape ( no dents or rust ,interior in good shape). I did the birf and wheel bearings and a new alt. and thats it....its bullet proof never had a problem with it. great truck if your never in a hurry.

Welcome. I'd definitely flip through service records if it has them and get a better idea of what's been done and how regularly. Also check for seepage on the front axles and for any rust.

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