1991 4runner SAS on 37's Bentonville Ar

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United States
91 4runner SAS on 37 mtr
Located in Bentonville, Arkansas
This is the build up of the rig, years ago when it graduated from ifs school.

What I have, 4runner 283,000 --83,000 on toyota replaced motor 3.0l v-6 (documented) All mx is documented since I have owned the vehicle. Located in Bentonville, Ar.
I have owned this truck since 2004, it was built right, by the owner of All-Pro Off Road. (it was his truck)

Leaks nothing, would drive anywhere and have.

Body- Good shape, some dents and brush scratches, paint slightly faded red, snorkeled. One inch body lift and front fenders clearance for the 37's. All pro sliders and front bumper (winch not included) has rear tube bumper I think it might be an allpro prototype.

Interior- Grey,Great shape, no tears in any fabric, Okole seat covers for front, CB under CD player.
I bought and parted out a 4runner about a year ago and replaced anything on this truck that was worn or looked bad.

Drivetrain- Front axle out of 1985 mini truck, rebuilt a year and a half ago with marlin heavy duty axle seals and replaced ALL bearings and seals b/c I didn't know when it had been done last.
Detroit locker-high pinon
Transmission- 5 speed stock r150
Engine- stock 3.0 v-6 with stock exhaust-should pass any smog test (although we dont have those here)

Transfer case- only one, with 4.7 reduction gears in it from Marlin, with twin stick (allows you to run low 2wd)--although I have an extra I'll throw in for 8g's

Rear Axle- 4.88 gears with detroit locker- has all-pro offroad coils with a 2 1/2 in spacer on top of the coil. Upper stock links replaced with allpro stuff

Tires-37' MTR Goodyears, 80-85% tread remain, slight chunking

The only thing you could possibly fix is the back window won't roll up from the outside, however it works fine from the inside switch and the sunroof wont close by itself need a little hand help. The truck comes with replacement sunroof, and a ton of extra interior parts.

Thanks, Justin
j_tubb@hotmail.com for pictures.
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Btt--Price drop 6900-- winch not included. Thanks Justin
Moab 2007 077.jpg
Moab 2007 080.jpg
Moab 2007 081.jpg
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Fake bullet holes included? :D
Absolutely!!! You can't believe how many people would ask about those. (before the snorkel install) J
I've seen this truck in action...very capable turn-key rig.
will you consider to trade for an 80 1993 cruiser

dark green 177xxxmiles
Brown fabric interior
Electric lockers
bfg 285's

had the truck for 2 years and it works
You know I would, however I am picking up a 95 today, thanks though. Justin
That's a pretty good price for a truck like this.

Best of luck with the sale!
BTT- 6900 no winch
BTT -- 5,900

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