craigslist 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 $5000 OBO

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United States
Hello all,

I've been reading this forum for about 6 months now but this is my first time selling or posting anything. Up for sale is my wonderful 1990 FJ62. I am by no means an expert when it comes to these trucks so I apologize if I miss state something. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.



Link: 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62
Awesome cruiser. my sister is living in boulder, if only she had money...:crybaby:
good luck
Maybe a shade too high but not unreasonable considering the documented rebuild and extras. A good starting point at least. Just be patient...

Also, it wouldn't hurt to wash it before photographing it - shows folks that you loved it.
No..price is about right..i just picked a fine one up in California for $4500 with 259,000 on the clock.

I personally think, due to limited production and general scarcity of good ones, these well maintained FJ62 rigs will be hard to find in good condition in a few years from now....they were only made for three years (88-90)...

Look at the asking prices of the old FJ40' one time they were they are pushing $15K out west (for unmolested ones)..

$5K is pretty fair...Just my opinion
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being unreasonable. I really should have washed the rig before I took photos but I only 30 mins to get it done.
Update: Long story short, my beloved mountain bike was stolen last night, so now I'm in the market for a new one. Sounds crazy but I might be interested in a trade for a higher end mountain bike (Specialized, Trek, Santa Cruz) and some cash. If anyone has this setup, let's talk.
Im not sure I would sell it with a broken steering part, lots of liability there. Nice looking cruiser. 2 cents MIke
Thanks. Yeah, I'm currently in the processes of tracking down a replacement part for it. Shouldn't be too much longer. It's currently my daily driver and I think it's just the sway bar mount that needs to be replaced.
Another Bump

Currently using as my daily driver. Still looking for broken sway bar link, but it's fully drivable.

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