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Feb 21, 2015
United States
We imported this truck last year through Land Cruisers Direct. We LOVE it. It has seen light trail runs in the Big Horns, Black Hills, and in Montana. Unfortunately, this is our only vehicle...and is not ideal for the twins we are now expecting. My wonderful wife, who fully supported the truck, would prefer something a little more....modern. ;) ....with a little less diesel smell. I for one, love the smell. Here are the details, I can get more pictures if needed.

1990 HDJ81 VX Limited, imported by LCD last May.
Currently 123K KMs on it, it is my daily driver. We have put about 25K of that on the truck.
Triple Locked.
Factory winch w/controller.
Center console "fridge/freezer". It's no ARB, but it actually works well for sandwiches, drinks...we even tried popsicles. :)
**ARB Deluxe winch bar....adapted to accommodate factory winch.
**OME suspension.
**Timing Belt/Tensioner Changed at around 100k
** BEBs done around 100K
** Front calipers, and all brakes done around 100K
** (5) Toyo Open Country ATs.
**(2) Auber instruments dual instrument displays. Currently Oil Pressure/EGT/Boost/ and one open slot.
** Bluesea fuse panel in cab.
** 100amp fuse in engine bay to run internal electrics.
** 250W Fuel filter heater (Runs when key turned to "on" )
** 1500W Oil Pan heater. (Plug-in)
** AMSOIL Bypass Oil filtration system
** Alternator rebuilt about 5K KMs ago.
** Rear end bearings, axle seals replaced. Amsoil marine grade synthetic grease used for bearings and hubs.
** Amsoil synthetic fluid/grease used in : Front/Rear Diff, Xfer Case, drain/fill trans, prop shafts/u joints, front birf top off, engine oil
** Radiator cleaned-out. Radiator hoses and thermostat replaced. Radiator cap replaced.
** One heater hose replaced....had plans for more this fall.
** Head unit replaced....bluetooth/ simple cd,Pandora etc.

** All installed new at purchase time or since.

The "bad" :
-- The cruise control has not worked since I got it. The computer works, it just won't set. I ran diagnostics and the error code indicates bad speed sensor.
-- Right rear door does not lock/unlock with remote. Only manually. I tried cleaning the small actuator motor, but no dice. It is activating, but it appears too weak to actuate the lock.
-- Was smoked in. When we got it, it had a strong smoke smell. It has been thoroughly cleaned and treated and I would say the smell is 95% gone. It shows up subtlety once and awhile when left in the hot sun.

The "okay" (may be normal, but thought I should mention)
-- I have only actually USED the locking diffs twice. I have engaged them every few months to keep things moving. The front diff lock is slow to engage/disengage..."sticky". Rear and center are usually pretty quick.
-- Power steering. I thought I needed a new pump. Turns out that the problem was fluid. I had it flushed after a long trip to the mountain trails last year. They flushed it and filled it with PS fluid. It needs DEXRON2. Consulting MUD...I got as much of the PS fluid I could out, and replaced with DEXRON II. It now runs normal 95% of the time. Every once in a great while, steering gets tight. Not real bad...but you can notice a difference. I think it needs to be completely flushed out.... I just haven't had the time yet, since I do daily drive it ....and its not even enough to affect drive ability.
-- Trail rash. I had a flawless finish when we got it. Showroom new, shiny black paint. Well... some tall brush and car washes have left some VERY buffable fine marks in the paint. I just have to mention it because it is still gorgeous....just not FLAWLESS.
-- One rust spot near the right, back window. Not very big at all. Will try to get a picture of it. You can see it in the interior pics in the link below.

The Good:
-- Verified low mileage.
-- Engine is in great shape. Compression numbers at purchase were like new. Runs smooth as silk. No abnormal smoke. VERY small puff at start...most times you cant even see it. SOME black smoke at hard acceleration....but even that is not as much as I've seen on some newer diesels.
-- I tried to show in the pictures....after warming up, oil pressure still runs well within specs. I usually get about 20PSI idle, 36PSI @2000rpm.
-- 18mpg average combined city/highway. Lowest I've seen is 15, highest 22.
-- Nice leather seat covers.
-- I am very anal about my vehicles. I intended to keep this you can see by all the Amsoil fluids and such that I am very careful mechanically. Never shutdown until EGTs below 375. Never ran EGTs above 1000, and then only for a few seconds. All maintenance done before required. Fuel additive used every tank. Bypass filter was just changed too. The bypass system is like an oil change every 15 minutes.
-- No heavy off-road use. Light to moderate trails only.
-- Fluid Film was sprayed on entire undercarriage and some other corrosion prone areas at the beginning of last summer, and then last October.
-- Currently running Amsoil Heavy Duty, High TBN, 15W40.
-- All glass is in great chips, etc.
-- Started without even a hiccup every time......even in -25F weather (this was even before the oil pan heater.) .
-- Turns heads everywhere. :)
-- Very comfortable on the trail, and at highway speeds.
-- Clean title, registered in SD.

I think I covered just about everything on Yoshi. (Yes...we named it.)

Here's the original link if you want to see detail shots of everything PRE ARB, etc. Great for interior and general condition though!
Land Cruisers Direct - 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 VX #1250

Would consider a 2013+ 4runner Trail Premium low miles for trade. ;)

Original import and add-ons 25K KMs ago ran just about 30K. I'm asking 25K US.

Thanks for looking....and please pray for us! (Especially me! LOL)








Dec 27, 2013
Beautiful rig. If I hadn't put so much into my FZJ I would be an interested buyer.

Out of curiosity, can you explain this part of your listing: "Never ran EGTs above 1000, and then only for a few seconds." The "never" and "then only for.."

Feb 21, 2015
Beautiful rig. If I hadn't put so much into my FZJ I would be an interested buyer.

Out of curiosity, can you explain this part of your listing: "Never ran EGTs above 1000, and then only for a few seconds." The "never" and "then only for.."

Ooooops. Wrote that late at night.
I never hit 1100. Only hit 1000 for a few seconds at a time maybe 3 times, in high summer heat going up long mountain passes. Immediately backed off until egts came down.
Thanks for pointing that out!
Feb 21, 2015
I neglected to say that the snorkel is an ARB Safari snorkel, installed by the importer.
Feb 21, 2015
Oil service was done today, and power steering fluid was flushed. Steering shows now signs of any trouble now. Here's a couple more pictures from the trails in the Bighorns and up in Glacier.

New price 24,000.

Thanks for looking.



Apr 11, 2014
straight trade for 2009 kia optima with heated seats and 75k on it? lol
I am literally drooling over this vehicle.
Feb 21, 2015
Truck is still available. Now has 125K kms on it. I was distracted with family stuff and didn't pay any attention to my messages on here. Sorry to anyone trying to get info on the truck.


Jan 30, 2017
Triple locked and a diesel what more could you ask for. Awesome rig - just a bit further than I want to lay down for our weekend warrior. Someone is going to get a real beauty!

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